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Need to Succeed 060727


didnt get everything done last night, esp the emails. just plain collapsed from exhaustion.

so i picked up the pieces this morning. i realize that refining it further requires setting a time frame to each of those tasks. in an earlier incarnation of today’s tasks, i realized i’d need abt 12.5 hrs to finish everything. gee….

i guess a UHP time audit is powerful stuff!

Priority 1 goals
1) follow up with prospects to rosyth residence (4hrs)
2) look/start setup for website for andrewwproperty.com (2hrs)
3) read btonline property articles. (1hr)
4) set up sat viewing appts for pte apt client (1hr)

total time: 8hrs

1) blog update (30mins)
2) clean up upsizemycash.com (30mins)
3) follow up on affiliate payment for blogging software (15mins)
4) spend cleaning/managing paperwork (1hr)
5) spend 30mins visit blogs/forums (30mins)
6) documentation for UHP Lite (30mins)

7) get google sitemaps plugin for wordpress and install (1hr)
total time: 4hrs15mins
looks like i got 12h15mins planned for today!

Need to Succeed 060726 Update

As I’m writing this, the clock is ticking. It’s now 1155pm and i’m rushing to file a post before midnight.

Here’s my progress thus far:

My goals for today are:
1) set up the hosting account for steviadirect.com : undone, too much focus on real estate today, but since this can be done virtually and the other items had to be done in real time. the other things get priority. but i am making the commitment to get this done before sleeping tonight!
2) Prepare for open house at 2D Jalan Remaja property: progress underway, but gotta get an email to the owner before going to sleep.
3) client look for Bukit Timah/Stevens Road landed property: this was accomplished, plus along the way, i built a high value contact. will continue to track this and email the client before sleeping..
4) client look for YCK or private apartment on Sat: again done, but need to email the client before sleeping.
Priority 2 goals include:
1) Settle finance matters at Citibank – DONE!
2) Blog update – doing now!
3) Go for Stuart Tan’s preview “Huge Checks Monthly” – DONE!
4) Draft and send emails out to IMS contacts – DONE!
5) Clean up UpsizeMyCash.com (site structure not optimized) – er, do a bit before sleeping!
6) Spend 1 hour cleaning/managing paperwork my home office/house – not done yet. wil do!
7) Spend 30 mins visiting blogs/forums (build more backlinks to this blog) – will do!
8) Drop an email to my potential partner for a software project. – will do!

wow, quite a stretch today.

will put up more goals to accomplish tomorrow and update on whether i’ve done everything i said i would!


Need to Succeed 060726

Building on my previous post “Hungry Enough to Succeed“, I know that I could be massively more effective than I can be now.

One important element is to have clearly defined short term goals.

I know if I don’t do this now, my aim of achieving $5m by age 35 will only be a dream.

Hence, I’m listed 3 priority-1 goals at the start of each day that I have to accomplish within 24 hours. And a list of priority-2 goals. This is part of my UHP system which when proven can help anyone (yes, anyone!) achieve whatever results they want. But first I have to eat my own dogfood, right?

Equally important are the reasons for achieving the goal! If the ‘why’ isn’t compelling, we aren’t likely to work at it.
My goals for today are:
1) set up the hosting account for steviadirect.com since moving it to GoDaddy a year before it expired (silly move on my part), GoDaddy has hijacked it with a placeholder page and it’s now a Google PR2, Alexa ranking 6.3m). I must reclaim it, and put my content back before GoDaddy wrecks 3 years of effort!
2) Prepare for open house at 2D Jalan Remaja property: This is a property that I’ve been marketing for about 3 months. It’s an attractive property and I’m planning to spruce it up, do quite a bit of offline publicity before the open house we’re planning this Sunday afternoon.
3) client look for Bukit Timah/Stevens Road landed property: A high priority search, need to get it done soon due to a tight timeframe.
4) client look for YCK or private apartment on Sat: another priority search!
Priority 2 goals include:
1) Settle finance matters at Citibank
2) Blog update
3) Go for Stuart Tan’s preview “Huge Checks Monthly”
4) Draft and send emails out to IMS contacts
5) Clean up UpsizeMyCash.com (site structure not optimized)
6) Spend 1 hour cleaning/managing paperwork my home office/house
7) Spend 30 mins visiting blogs/forums (build more backlinks to this blog)

8) Drop an email to my potential partner for a software project.


We’ll see the results at the end of today!

wheehee a challenging and exciting day ahead.

Hungry Enough to Succeed

I’ve noticed one trend among successful business owners.

They’re hungry to succeed.

They have a big overriding need they need to satisfy.

It be to be number one, it might be kill the competition (a la Larry Ellison of Oracle), it might be to make the world a better place. Regardless of the reason, there must be a major purpose.

My aim and purpose used to be to be the best in everything in do, whether it was in school or after entering the workforce.

My thinking had always been, ‘second place is also first place loser’, so I worked my butt off to be the best I could be.

After getting married and having my daughter, my priority now is to spend more time with my wife and child.

It’s not always easy, and the nature of Internet Marketing is that:

  • It takes up a lot of time
  • There’s tons of people doing it, so what makes me different
  • Something new comes up every hour, every minutes (at least we know the information economy works!)

Against this backdrop is the need not for speed, but the need to succeed.

Many entrepreneurs come from physically challenging situations – a poor home, or circumstances arising that force them to do something bigger than themselves, maybe sometimes even for surival.

The need to succeed once ingrained, helps them develop a laser-sharp focus on the task at hand.

To take on seemingly insurmountable challenges, and more importantly, succed!

Yes, some of us come from a relatively comfortable background, and survival isn’t an issue.

We can though, develop the mental need to succeed.

If we are constantly challening ourselves to do better, to put in that 110%, it’ll become a personal passion for excellence.

In that frame, we may not be able to take on a physical need to succeed, but surely, developing a powerful mental need to succeed is in our hands, isn’t it?

Saving Pirate Ryan

Ok, my buddy Ryan is neither a pirate, nor a private.

But he is looking for some help in scoring the top spot in the Ambatchdotcom SEOcontest.

Check out his mail and help him out if you’re able to.

I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

From RyanChua.com
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However, i believe that the prize money can go to a cause which needs it more than i do, rather then people spamming the hell out of search engines, blog sites, websites etc. And i believe with conviction i can change all that, and you can too.
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The UHP Content Creation Challenge

Thursday was an especially challenging day.

I set a target of creating at least 50 pages of content for 2 of my sites, with the plans to shoot for 60 pages.

Starting at Thursday noon, I embarked on my Content Creation Challenge, planning to complete the task within 24 hours.

A key motivator was a promise to the folks at the Internet Marketing Singapore forum that I’d buy $150 worth of refreshments for the next meeting. Heh, it was a good motivator!

The short story is yes, by Friday noon, I’d created 57 pages of content.

30 pages at http://www.InternetMarketingCookbook.com and another 27 pages at BizExcellerator.com.

The pages at BizExcellerator might not be as obvious though, because I created a business/entrepreneurship course and in the meantime, got plenty of hands on experience with Aweber’s autoresponders too.

Do check the pages out and feel free to leave comments either here or on the respective sites.

Enjoy your weekend.