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Kindle writing challenge

Have you ever have a project that you wanted to get out because it’ll be good for you, but you’re just keeping busy with other projects?

I have been planning to get back to writing fiction for the Kindle platform for the longest time, but consulting work, affiliate campaigns and other stuff kept getting in the way.

So here is something exciting to (more…)

Can you make $50,000 a month with emailing?

Ok, that title is linkbait because I have contacts who are already doing that and hitting 6-figure months about half the time.

Using emailing as a traffic source, your 2 most important factors affecting open rates are:

  • Your email subject
  • Your “From” or sender field

If you have those two down, half the battle is already won.

While some continue to use long-form emails, consider going with simpler emails – a small (more…)

Is it better to self-publish or go with a publisher?

I was answering a question on a private forum from a writer who is contemplating whether to take up a publisher’s offer to publish his book.

He already has built up a following and was asking the opinion of the group whether he should take up the offer or consider self-publishing.


My advice to him:

It depends on where you see your st (more…)