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3 Ways To Upsize Your Product Income

When consulting with start-ups, the 1 trend I notice is that most entrepreneurs tend to underprice their products and services.

While it may seem like great value to offer a service at $50 a month, especially when your expenses are low, it doesn’t make sense in the long run. That’s because your growth will be constrained by providing products at a low price-point.


To bridge the gap from bootstrapping startup to a business with sustainable growth, here are 3 strategies to incorporate into your business model:

  • Offer a premium/upsized model

Talk to your customers and find out if there’s a “bells-and-whistles” version of your product that they’d like to get their hands on.

Additional features and (more…)

A View Into The PUA World Of Mystery And Project Hollywood 2

I just got back from spending half a day at Project Hollywood 2, the homebase of PickUp Artist Mystery and the Venusian Arts team. Besides Mystery, I also got to meet Lovedrop and Matador.

If you missed the first season of VH1′s The PickUp Artist, you can check out the VH1 page.

The series is slated for a second season and there’re a number of surprises planned, so reality series fans should be waiting with bated breath…

So into an undisclosed apartment complex in Hollywood, I got to check out Mystery’s digs, which has a great pool and BBQ area, just perfect for parties…

I got to do the old meet-and-greet at Project Hollywood 2 AKA Hotel Mystery:


And besides getting a copy of his “Mystery Method” book autographed, I also got to hear about (more…)