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Beware of the Google Chrome Bermuda Triangle

I was a little shocked to see sections of my blog missing this morning:

google chrome

The right sidebar completely disappeared, and the footer appeared to be displayed there.

Rather than take the extreme measure of overwriting my customized template with the default installs, I looked at the code that had been generated with Google Chrome the day earlier as I was using the new browser to publish the web page.

For whatever reason, Chrome inserted extra (more…)

Verdict on Google Chrome? – Memory Hog

You’ve probably read about Google’s new release of it’s Chrome browser and possibly read blog posts about the new challenge to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.

The question is: Should you install it?

As Status_Girl AKA Melanie Nathan notes: Chrome has an accompanying 38-page cartoon explaining how it works. I’m not sure how many would spend the time to read the pretty techy cartoon, but it reads more like a graphic novel, than a mere cartoon.

Still, there’re reports that it’s a fast browser.

I’ve noticed that on sites like my buddy Amit Mehta’s SuperAffiliateMindset, the inclusion of widget and/or tracking code from MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, BlogSkinny, Blog Rush and others might trip Chrome up. Making me think that the browser is optimized for HTML content.

Chrome doesn’t have the RSS auto-discovery features of Firefox (meaning you can’t click on the RSS icon if the browser skims through the site to locate a RSS feed). So you either have to look for a RSS icon or link and click on it. Or you can try permutations of domain-name.com/RSS to try to locate it.

To read RSS feeds, you’ll need a web-based RSS Reader like Google Reader or Bloglines.

Affiliate Marketers take note:

I was initially concerned that Chrome might have the cookie-crunching “feature” of Apple’s Safari browser. Safe to say, the default setting is to “Accept all cookies”, which we should be rejoicing. No affiliate tracking cookie, no affiliate commission, so this is a good thing.

I tested it via an affiliate link and the tracking cookie lodged.

I’m just a little concerned that cookies (located via the “Options” and “Under the Hood” pulldown menu) have 3 settings -

  • Accept all cookies
  • Restrict how third party cookies are used
  • Block all cookies

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that users don’t opt for option #3.
Chrome’s Achilles Heel
Here’s where Chrome’s advantages and shortfalls are apparent.
Yes, you have tabbed browsing, you can even pull out the tabs into their own separate windows (kinda “Apple-like” in a way).
But it’s not without a price.
I did an informal benchmark with (more…)

Should You Upgrade To Firefox 3?

A new update for the Mozilla Firefox browser has come out, Firefox 3, which promises several enhancements.

The question is whether you should take the plunge, especially since reviews like the one done by Cnet seem to give it a glowing review, mentioning spectacular increase in loading times. Firefox 3 sports a shiny Web 2.0 style user interface.

BUT if you’re a marketer and you use Firefox plugins in your daily work, you will want to hold off on the upgrade.

A number of my existing Firefox add-ons (ie plugins) were deemed to be incompatible with the new version of Firefox and I’ve lost the use of them (on my secondary machine).

Depending on the developer, it could be a few days or a few weeks before a compatible version is available.

If passing on the upgrade (for now) means that you will be able to do your work, it might be a better option for now.

Apple’s Safari Browser For Windows – An Internet Marketer’s Review

Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs threw down the gauntlet at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, announcing the launch of Apple’s Safari browser for Windows. The upcoming Apple vs Microsoft battle promises to be more exciting than Microsoft vs Netscape a couple of years ago. But what does it mean for Internet Marketers?

apple safari browser

For starters, the Apple browser is pleasantly looking.

In my book, Microsoft Internet Explorer is probably the ugliest browser. Mozilla FireFox is pleasant to work with, although Flock the Social Browser (loaded with Web2.0 functions) remains my favorite (and I’m composing this entry within a Flock window now).

Safari shows promise.

Among it’s features:

  • Tabbed browsing: (If you don’t have 30 open windows, you’re not a hardcore Internet Marketer…yet)
  • Built-in RSS Support: To monitor late breaking developments and changing content on blogs and social sites
  • Pop-up blocking (maybe not such a good idea, since you might want to view popups)
  • Enhanced search features

Safari is positioned to be the Apple’s “killer app” with supposed close integration between it’s upcoming pda/phone iPhone, iTunes and Safari in the works. But does Safari really work for Internet Marketers?

Worryingly, Safari has “Private Browsing” which blocks all cookies from being lodged. This means analytics tracking might not be as effective.

Even worse, for affiliate marketers, (more…)

9Rules to keep moving up the blogging track

The 9Rules blog network is quite a cool one and I’m finding myself contantly going back to refresh the home page.

Even after the buzz at the conclusion of round 5, which had a whopper 1,190 blogs being submitted for inclusion into the content network, things are still humming along.

9Rules blgo network

9Rules blog submissions received for Round 1 to 5: Up and up!

And if you’ve submitted your blog for inclusion, Mike Rundle in his 9Rules Round 5 Analysis points out: Traditionally we’ve added between 8-16% of the total number of submissions to 9rules, so if that holds true then “you can assume” we’ll pick about 160 blogs this time (though it’s all up in the air at the moment).

That’s encouraging. Results expected by the end of this week.

But wait…What’re the 9Rules anyway? (more…)

The next generation blogging-enabled browser: Flock

If you’ve been following this blog regularly, you’d know I’m a keen Mozilla FireFox user, judging by the posts in the category: Browsers.

And my copy of FireFox has probably seen it’s fair share of abuse.

  • With about 10 plugins and 400 bookmarks, it’s now chugging along.
  • Downloads take about 10 seconds to initiate.
  • WordPress (especially PHP processing) is a little buggy. I’ve lost a number of good posts already…

So you might say things are a little….slow?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not soley dependent on Firefox.

By necessity, I use 3 browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: because about 50% of blog visitors use that browser (and it displays differently from FireFox at times)
  • FireFox: what I really like are the extensions available, especially this SEO plugin I recently installed.
  • And now Flock!

How’s Flock (currently still in beta) different? (more…)