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This is a list of resources I’ve using and represent the most useful Internet Marketing products from all that I’ve tested:

Internet Marketing:

  • The Internet Marketing Cookbook: Developed jointly with my partner this is an internet marketing resource site intended to continually provide tips and strategies to grow your online business.
  • PPV Playbook: Created by David Ford, this site contains strategies and tips to grow your business via Pay-Per-View marketing, Pay-Per-Click marketing, Search Engine Optimization and affiliate marketing. (Read PPV Playbook Review here)


  • SecretBlogWeapon.com: This is a training program I developed. Possibly the most comprehensive product of its kind. Build your own profitable blog-based business through this series of detailed and easy-to-follow steps.

Backend Sales/Upselling:

  • Backend Cash Manuscript: Backend Sales Specialist Alex Nghiem’s groundbreaking work on increasing the value of your transaction and profits. In one case, he helped increase the value of a product from $29.95 to $697!


  • Bluehost: The best value shared webhosting solution in the market