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Namecheap Discount Code September 2009

In case you missed them, these are the Namecheap discount codes which work now:

  • Domain discount code: DREAMTIME
  • Domain transfer discount code: SWITCH2NC

If you have more than 50 domains in your account, the code that always works for me: GOLDDEAL

I haven’t used their web hosting as I like to keep my domains and hosting separate, but if you’re interested in their hosting packages, here are some codes:

  • SCHOOLTIME – 10% off any shared, business and reseller package
  • HOSTSWITCH – 15% off any shared package and business package
  • USE4VPS – 10% off any VPS package

As you’re probably aware, Namecheap is my preferred domain registrar.

GoDaddy vs NameCheap Customer Service Round 2

Within 48 hours of having posted “Frak GoDaddy: How to Win Enemies and Irritate People“, GoDaddy rep, GoDaddy Guy, who vigilantly monitors and responds to blogs and social media has posted a response to the points I raised. But is that enough to clarify and remedy the issues I faced?

I appreciate any company who’s taking efforts to monitor their brand on the busy social web landscape and craft replies explaining the situation. Obviously, customers like myself may not be aware of everything that takes place behind the scene.

As a customer, have I felt I have been taken care of?

GoDaddyGuy says:

We understand that domain names are unique and can therefore be highly valuable to our customers. To prevent customers from unintentionally losing a domain name, we reach out by email several times, starting 90 days before and continuing past expiration.


Obviously, if I have been receiving email reminders that my domain is expiring and I don’t do anything about it. Then I whine and complain after the fact, I’ve obviously no case.

Here’s a screencapture  of GoDaddy emails I’ve received:

godaddy email

Since 15 May 2009, I’ve received 21 emails from GoDaddy, announcing “Last Minute Deals”, “Spring Closeouts” and “Mid-Year Blowouts”. While it has been tempting to get a “closeout” or “blowout” before the [sarcasm]supply of domains runs out[/sarcasm], I’m hard-pressed to find out “email outreach several times” before and after my domain has expired.

I took the effort to read the emails back to July (before I had to give up on reading all this wonderful promotional email…), but nary a reference to expiring domains could I find.

GoDaddy guy’s other point:

Finally, we provide the registrant some time to take care of his or her account by allowing a 19 day grace period to renew without penalty.

I logged into my account about a week after it expired, well within the “19 day grace period” to renew without penalty, and was slapped with the ridiculous $80 registry recovery fee. Grace period? What grace period.


Just in case you think I’m unnecessarily bashing on GoDaddy, consider its illustrious competitor, Namecheap.

Here’s a list of emails (more…)

Time Limited Namecheap Domain Registration and Renewal Offer

I received notice of a 48-hour promotion that domain registrar NameCheap is running about 12 hours ago (so there’s probably about 36 hours left).

The current promo code is INDIANSUMMER (which may have expired by the time you read this).

But here’s the promo details:

  • Low priced Renewals and Registrations. For the next 48 hrs get $8.88 Renewals and Registrations. with Coupon Code OCTNEWS
  • Transfer Special is back! For the next 72 hours only, transfer most domains for just $6.99.  Coupon Code TRANSCHEAP
  • Webhosting blowout special! For 48 hrs we are offering any one of our regular web hosting  packages for 25% of the regular price and any re-seller package for 30% off. Coupon Code OCTNEWS.

Unless you already are a high volume customer (eg: 50+ domains registered with Namecheap) you will not be able to use the GOLDDEAL coupon code for renewals, so this is a great promo if you’re starting out and have a handful of domains.

If you need a webhost which is reliable and supports lots of domains, and gives you the ability to host multiple blogs, you should check out Bluehost.

GoDaddy May Domain Renewal Discount Code And Web Hosting Suggestions

I like to manage my risks by spreading my domains across multiple registrars.

My favorite domain registrar remains Namecheap. (see latest Namecheap discount code)

Although I have a couple over at GoDaddy. The latest discount code for domain renewals (working as of 2nd May 2008) is “ZINE3“. (Cuts 1 year renewal fee from $9.95 to $6.95, before taxes).

What I don’t quite like about GoDaddy is that the admin panel is somewhat clunky, it takes a while to refresh it’s settings.

Having said that, having all your domains at one registrar is probably a worse outcome – and I’d say that NameCheap and GoDaddy would be my picks among the hundreds of domain registrars and sub-registrars out there.


On the Web Hosting front, I’d suggest newer webmasters take up a shared webhosting account (This blog ran on a shared webhost for about 2 years) – and you can expect up to 500 websites to share a single server.

My preferred choice remains BlueHost.

I’ll have a future post on higher grade webhosting accounts like: premium shared webhosting, VPS/VDS (virtual private/virtual dedicated servers) and dedicated servers.

Namecheap January Code and Domain Registration Tips

If you’re like me, you’re registering domain names all the time.  Except for a couple of domains that are scattered at GoDaddy and another domain name registrar (who’s service is less than spectacular, so I’m going to pass on naming them), I have all my domains at Namecheap.

The discount code/coupon code for Namecheap for January is: WINTERFEVER

The code will cut your registration cost from $9.29 to $8.41.

It won’t make or break the bank for most affiliate marketers out there, but if you save a couple of hundred dollars, that translates into a couple hundred more clicks for you to do testing.

As the new year starts up, I’m hitting the ground running with a new campaign and got a bunch of domains yesterday.

If you’re new at this,  here’re a couple of domain strategies to think about:

  • Domain names can be split tested like anything else. At $8-10 a pop, they don’t require as much effort as some of the other variables you might test. Split testing two similar domain names might mean the difference between a 1% and a 5% clickthrough rate (which is huge).
  • Go for a benefit-laden domain as these get visitors intrigued, curious and ultimately, motivated to click. Marketing guru Dan Kennedy had to come up with the product name for a new insect killer, his choice “Kills Bugs Dead”. The result? Sales went through the roof…Nuff said.
  • Adverbs in your domain name need to be in line with the mindset of your prospects. If you’re selling a high ticket item, you’d want to avoid “free”, “cheap” or “discount” and look at “Quality” or “Best” instead.
  • Go for a 1-year registration and if it’s a winner, you can renew it next year. Even if a “2 year registration costs just $1 more”, you’ll probably want to do more tweaking before settling on a domain. I prefer having a whole bunch of 1-year domains to test with.

If you need a hosting account to go with your domains, look for webhosting providers which host a large number of domains. In some cases the hosting account will host an unlimited number of domains.

You might like to check out:

–> Hostmonster

–> Bluehost (slightly higher grade)

They’re both brands/corporate entities owned by the CEO Matt Heaton and are based in Orem, Utah.

Riding on Free Backlinks (and Monetizing It)

I was looking through the comments for the previous post, and Char gave an example of her permalink structure, citing “domainname (dot) com / postname”.

For the record, domainname (dot) com is an actual domain. And it has a decent PR6, Alexa 153,000.

Imagine 500 bloggers or content publishers citing that example and reproducing the link  on their site every month…

That would add up to a significant number of backlinks would it?

And by extension, you can leverage on your Google PR by pointing at your other domains, or selling text or banner links through PlanetAndrea’s banner/text brokering services.

Sounds compelling, doesn’t it?