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Is Your Social Media Marketing As Annoying As Paris Hilton?

In 2004, mistress of sensationalist media, Paris Hilton, grabbed headlines for most of the year with antics like the leaked sex tape “One Night in Paris” (featuring ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon), the launch of her “The Simple Life” “reality” TV show, and general hobnobbing with the paparazzi.

paris hilton

If you were among the star-struck celeb stalking crowd, you probably could not get enough of Miz Hilton, even if she’d been appearing on Entertainment Tonight, US Weekly, People and your favorite celeb blogs with a frequency almost like diarrhea brought on by a case of really bad shellfish.

If, however, you were like the other 90% of (more…)

TweetDeck Users Read This…

I’ve discovered a major problem that plagues Tweetdeck users who use the free Twitter client to access and post microblogging updates. TweetDeck is bugged by a fairly major issue which will require a solution pretty soon.

Background: I’m an active Twitter user and have been using what I would consider the best Twitter client, TweetDeck, for a couple of months.

Sure it’s had some weird idiosyncrasies like having to shut it down so I could run more bandwidth-intensive applications or MMPOGs on my system, but on the whole, it’s been a pleasant experience (read my earlier review)

I may or may not be the typical Tweetdeck user – here’re my usage habits:

  • My computers are on 24-7. I run mainly Windows XP operating systems (a combination of Professional and Home editions). I reboot when virtual memory drops “dangerously low” or I get a BSOD (blue screen of death).
  • I follow about 200+ Twitter users, some of whom tweet as many as 50 times a day or more.
  • I live in a GMT+8 timezone (which is 13 hours ahead of EST now. My night is your day. I’m snoozing while you’re working)

As a result, it’s not uncommon to wake up to 500+ tweets during the 6 hours I’m sleeping.

Particularly today, my machine crawled to a grinding crawl, and pulling up the Windows Task Manager (hit alt-ctrl-delete to see this):

tweetdeck memory leak

Coming in at #1, TweetDeck with a pretty monstrous 334 MB of memory usage (followed by Firefox where I had about 30 tabs open).

And a screenshot a few (more…)

Taking Twitter To The Next Level With TweetDeck

I typically for the simplest approach when it comes to using web services. If a browser interface is available, I prefer to use that over download and installing an external program – I already have enough “stuff” on my computer.

If you are a Twitter user, you might want to take a close look at TweetDeck, especially with their recent feature upgrade.

Having gone through a couple of other Twitter clients (they essentially bring Twitter updates to your desktop via the API and provide additional functions) like Twhirl, I will be using TweetDeck for a long time.

For starters, with the recent v0.21.5b upgrade, the client includes the option of a 4th column, you’re also able to perform a search within TweetDeck and setup groups and follow friends more easily.


Unless you’re a strict stickler to talking to 1 person at a time, the multi-threaded approach to managing conversations makes Twitter more managable, especially once (more…)

How Not To Be A Tool On Twitter Part 2

Remember when a college kid came up with the idea of selling pixels on a webpage, pricing each pixel at $1 and having 1 million in “inventory”?

And how he raised $1 million and the Million Dollar Home Page generated buzz all over the internet and was mentioned in the newspapers and TV?

It was a novel, funny and creative way to “make money online”.

Then another guys comes up with another page, selling pixels at $1 a pop, hoping to replicate the same results. I don’t know the outcome, but I have a feeling he or she failed.

Then some clever codes came up with software that let you sell pixels on a page. It sold initially for hundreds of dollars and you can probably get free versions now. The poor saps who bought it for $297, probably ended up making $50.

What’s the moral of the story? You need to be first, be the first to bring a product to the market, even if it might be somewhat flawed.

The other side of the coin is that people have short attention spans and have 15 second “soundbyte” attention. Rehash something and it’s bound to be an epic fail.


Likewise, on the Twitter micro-blogging platform/social network, a trend has emerged where Twitter users hold contests where they stipulate that (more…)

How Not To Be A Tool On Twitter

Twitter ranks as one of the best platforms for:

  • Seeing what friends and business contacts are up to.
  • Communicating either publicity or privately (via direct messages)
  • Tunneling through to someone on their iPhone or other device, set to receive tweets
  • Concise and to-the-point communication because everyone is limited to 140 characters

As a “micro blogging” platform, Twitter has gained sufficient critical mass that enough people are on it (like MySpace was in 2006 and Facebook was in 2008) to make it a viable and useful platform. (Sadly, other platforms like LinkedIn and Plurk have not achieved sufficient critical mass to be considered ubiquitous at this point).

Despite the benefits of Twitter, inevitably some marketers are going to be flexing their e-peen by sending frequent tweets about how they’re hit 5,000 followers, 20,000 followers or are in the top 50 on the top Twitter groupies list.

In my opinion, talking about the size of your community in a bragging fashion is disrespectful to the people who are following you. In a very real sense, you ARE reducing them to a mere number – one of 50,000 nameless faces who have chosen to take their time to read your potentially useful content.

Instead, why not spend time getting to know your community/followers.

Instead of going on an ego trip, can you say you know most of your followers?

On another note, twitter is not your platform to send a string of product launch announcements or to send your affiliate links out to some hapless n00b who happened to follow you.


Now that we’ve defined the “ego” type posts, what falls into the non-ego/useful content basket? For me they fall into (more…)

New Twitter Analytics Tool – Mr Tweet Debuts and a Review

I saw Heather Paulson twitter about MrTweet yesterday and decided to check it out.

One of the potential pitfalls about Twitter is to make a snap judgement that the more followers you have, the better position you’re in. While this might be true in some cases, I think twitter followers are just like any other type of online traffic – quality massively outweighs quantity any day of the week.

jonathan miller

That’s one of the reasons why the new Twitter tools which (more…)