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Free Wordze Keyword Research Tool Offer

Levi, developer of the Wordze keyword research tool dropped me an email to say that January’s his birthday and he’s doing a promotion for his keyword tool which costs $35 a month.


Wordze Special Offer

From now, till next Monday (about 5 days left), you can get a free 30 day license for the Wordze keyword tool.

I’ve gone into the tool and used it a number of times, besides the regular keyword search, there’re a suite of related tools and searches, like:

  • A misspelling/typo tool
  • A thesaurus
  • A “WordRanking” tool
  • Historical/keyword charting tools

Most of the output generated by WordZe can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel or text format, so you can manipulate the data and sort and analyze it.

You can check out Levi’s offer:

–> 30-Day free Wordze keyword tool access (Ends Monday, 14th January)

Keyword Secret Product Review

If you’re a blogger or an info marketer, I guess you might be like I was when I first started out, figuring that keyword tools were redundant, because you would go ahead and optimize your site for “internet marketing” or “make money online”. While you can try that, you’d get much more leverage from a tool that my friend, Howie Schwartz has recently developed and launched.

If you’re not familiar with Howie, you’re not alone. Till recently, he was a blackhat SEO turned Web2.0 specialist developing products and training together with the likes of Dr Mike Woo-Ming and Keith Baxter.

Gamers might be especially pleased to find out that Howie was executive producer of the first Grand Theft Auto game.

Since his move into Internet marketing, he’s developed a couple of custom tools which his technical team uses to develop his niche sites.

I had a chance to see how he’s dominated the SERPs (search engine results pages) with multiple sites all pointing towards his central site.

Part of this strategy involves his inhouse tools, one of which he’s recently commercialized as Keyword Secret.

While there’re a multitude of keyword tools in the market, what differentiates Keyword Secrets is that it’s an application built on top of the Google API (application programming interface) so the data is focused on Google’s results (ie no dilution by the inclusion of tier-2 or secondary data sources).

The key USP for me is Keyword Secret’s “Power Niche” feature. The power niche does a real time analysis of Google SERPs for a given keyword/keyphrase and generates a keyword list based on the live results.

The bottomline? The keyword lists you get are datamined or analyzed and scraped from Google’s results.

Although you may not be guaranteed top position on the SERPs, you will (more…)

WordZe Keyword Research Tool Product Review

Note: This is a paid product review of the WordZe keyword tool developed by Levi from BoogyBonBon.

In the course of your Internet Marketing efforts, you’ll inevitably need to harvest keywords and keyphrases during your site development.

Developing content featuring these keywords helps you rank for these terms in the major search engines, and will ensure that you’re creating content that visitors will find useful and relevant.

Launched in Nov 2006, Levi’s WordZe tool goes beyond just showing search volume alone, it features a number of associated tools too.


Besides the primary keyword research tool, WordZe also features:

  • A misspelling/typo tool
  • A thesaurus
  • A “WordRanking” tool
  • Historical/keyword charting tools

There are a number of instructional Camtasia videos and new search (more…)

Overture Keyword Selector tool R.I.P. 2007?

For a number of days I’ve been unable to access the keyword selector tool over at Overture Keyword Selector tool.

Though the results lag real time searches by about 2 months, they’re good for getting an indication of search volume and related searches for given keywords and keyphrases.

In the past few weeks, there’s been speculation that with the launch of the new Yahoo! Search Marketing (AKA Panama), the Overture tool might be taken down for good.

[Incidentally, Pepperjam head honcho Kris Jones gives a good overview of Panama with his post: The New Yahoo Search (aka, Panama) Looking More & More Like Google Adwords ]

While there’s no official word from Yahoo!, it looks like traffic to Overture, while dropping since the disruption in the service sometime around mid December 2006, is still very robust.

alexa overture

So it was a little surprising that the Overture tool appeared (more…)