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Weekend Wonderings – 25 May 2008

Twitter seems to have gone down for most of this past weekend. Maybe the Department of Homeland Productivity is seeing if their hypothesis that productivity increases by 517% when Twitter goes down can be proven in a real-world field test.


The new Battlestar Galatica season 4 on the SciFi Channel continues to be one of the best series on TV.  Besides the typical science fiction themes and CGI special effects, the human story is pretty engaging and like any great movie/tv series mirroring real world reality (like Frank Miller’s “300″) it’s amazing how the creators mirror real world events in their storylines.


Ongoing Project:  I’ve been working on a blogging-related project since early last year, and it looks like it’s getting into the final lap. Projected completion and launch? Possibly Mid-June.

It’s interesting how this blog has developed since its early root in 2005 from the old blog over at blogspot.

More importantly, it’s amazing how far blogging has evolved in the space of 2 years. (I can still remember when there were only 1 or 2 video blogs listed in the blog directories…now they’re everywhere.)

Weekend Wonderings – 18 May 2008

I’m listening to Geekcast ep 16 with guests Scott Jangro and Todd Crawford. Much funnier than the regular series (I think Lisa Picarille’s presence helps up the content quota on both Geekcast and Affiliate Thing). Perhaps it’s time to break the Geekcast into 2 separate sessions (1 content-driven with Lisa and/or a guest on) and a “frat boy” humor edition focused on Stadium Pal, Hand Teddys (sic?), Man-dles, being unable to pee in airplane toilets, etc. (language may be NSFW)

Sam talked about Todd’s new blog, be sure to check out Todd Talks. If you’re nice, you might even hear about his secret project…

This week also saw the launch of Sam’s new RedHatBlueHat political podcast. (and if you’re following the industry, political blogs are quite the money rakers…)


In other news, I’m getting blog consultants to work on the this blog and there’re a number of neat enhancements coming up. You’ll see the weird MySQL errors popping up when you post comments, but they do end up in the moderation queue. If you posted a comment and didn’t see it published, chances are you dropped a “nice post” or “come and look at my site -> [link to made for adsense or ebook opt-in page]. Your name makes it into the master blacklist of bloggers too…


I’m posting twitter updates more often too. Twhirl seems to be working like a charm.


I got a bunch of schwag from CPA network Market Leverage (Thanks Debby and the ML crew!) and have been playing with the Flip Ultra that came in the goodie bag. I’ll post an update next week.

Why Filing Taxes Is Like Finals In School Again…

  1. You think you’re more prepared than you really are.
  2. You vow that you’ll do better (in terms of filing early, accuracy) compared to last year.
  3. Other “stuff” gets in the way which prevents you from filing everything in January.
  4. Important documents go missing when you need them.
  5. It’s too easy to procrastinate filing them because “you have time”.
  6. Weird stuff like your computer crashing, bring Murphy’s Law/cosmic balance into play.
  7. Pulling all-nighters to get this stuff done and cramming for an exam just seems a little too ‘school-like’ for my liking.
  8. Yes, it ends at #7.

The Reluctant Apple User…

I like multi-tasking, although the latest Guru-Du-Jour Eben Pagan says it’s a “no-no

So having eaten my lunch while MythBusters was playing on Discovery, I finally opened up the box containing my new MacBook 2.1 Ghz machine (a freebie bundled together with my new 10mbps DSL plan).

While Jamie and Adam are firing machine guns into the side on a car on the screen, I’m pulling the polycarbonate-sheathed laptop out of the box.

First reaction: This thing is pretty heavy compared to my Fujitsu Lifebook ultra-portable.

Second reaction: The graphics are really pretty (I can see why Sam Harrelson and Shawn Collins get into their Asus eee/Apple/Dell Vostro bickering matches)

Third reaction: I don’t quite like the tactile feel of the keyboard. The keys don’t (more…)

So The Hard Disk Goes Clink…Clink…Clink

…and I am left scrambling wondering if my 3-year old Fujitsu Lifebook is about to give up the ghost…

More importantly, after the clean up from 2 weeks ago, whether I’m going to have the pleasure of backing up 75GB of data again.

Next stop: to call Fujitsu’s customer support and see if they will accept a pending “device failure” request and swap out the hard disk.

I am getting a new MacBook as part of a premium DSL package in about 2 weeks time, but still, I think PC blood runs in my veins.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Good Easter Bunny, Bad Easter Bunny…With Shawn Collins

Affiliate marketing veteran Shawn Collins is known for a number of achievements…

If you like Shawn’s Road Trip/American Pie-ish style of humor, you’d want to check out this Easter bunny video broadcast:

Also, check out this Facebook thread where we’re aiming to hit 500 comments. Every little comment helps!