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Internet Money Secrets revealed!

I’m looking forward to October, because the face of Internet Marketing in Singapore and possibly Asia will never be the same again.

That’s because the NTUC Auditorium at Marina Boulevard in the heart of the city will play host to the Inaugural Internet Money Secrets convention.
Internet Money Secrets

The event is intended to focus in on generating Internet Marketing income through two revenue streams:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing (my favourite!)

Beyond just the knowledge, I’m looking forward to the great networking opportunities.

Just imagine, 350 Internet Marketers all gathered in one place, exchanging ideas over two days, with the possibility of teaming up and forming joint ventures. (more…)

How not to get banned from Google Adsense

I was surfing the Digital Point forums earlier, and surfed on through to Harry’s blog.

His post: How not to get banned from AdSense

is something relevant because I know scores of Internet Marketing newbies who get blacklisted and disappear off the face of Google’s SERPs.

And the worst thing is that they have a huh? who? what? reaction.

Gee, guys, didn’t you read the Adsense terms of service?

You didn’t think clicking on your own ads 100 times wouldn’t get you noticed?


Facing the Internet Marketing failure

You’ve done up your blog.

You’ve looked for the optimum adsense positions.

Studied the Google Adsense guides, watched the videos.

You’ve read all the affiliate marketing materials that you got at UltimateAffiliateWeapon.

Maybe you’ve already got a copy of SecretBlogWeapon and you’ve SEO-enabled your site and got all the traffic generators in place.

Now what?


Blown away by Internet Money Secrets!

Singapore -

I went to Stuart’s session yesterday and was blown away.

That’s the session mentioned in my post:F.ree Internet Marketing training? No way!

If I had to place a value on the information given, gee… but it’s safe to say those ideas are invaluable in launching sustainable profit-driven businesses.

The rollcall of speakers at October’s event reads like a Who’s Who of the Internet world: (more…)

Want to succeed at Internet Marketing? Get into the Keiretsu

Over the last couple of days, new and experienced Internet Marketers have been asking questions about the Keiretsu Internet Marketing program I’ve launched.Here’re some answers:What the heck is a Keiretsu?

From Wikipedia, a keiretsu (Japanese origin) (literally. system or series) is a set of companies with interlocking business relationships… It is a type of business group.

The Digital Keiretsu I’ve formed is a business-oriented syndicate. It provides business leverage and more importantly, monetize on Internet-related initiatives.

The core team, Keiretsu Alpha, contains a mix of members across various industries, spanning the financial, lifestyle, FMCG and information industries.