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Internet Marketing Singapore Event Tonight

Stuart TanI’m doing my best to avoid spending 16 hours in front of the computer every day, so I clocked up about 10 hours watching “Prison Break Season 1″ with my wife this weekend.

Thanks to Sam Witteveen for the work break.

Sam’s an NLP trainer with lots of interesting stuff on the cards. You might like to check out his Internet Marketing website/forum at: New Internet Warrior.

What’s the point of my digression?

It’s my roundabout way of saying the minimal blog posts I’ve been putting out is my effort to ‘balance out’ my life.

So it’s my fault that I’m announcing my buddy Stuart Tan’s Internet Marketing Singapore event this late.

It’s today.

I’ve made it a point to attend every meeting since the first one where Alex Mandossian spoke. (more…)