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Scramble to Catch the Crazy eBook Creator Offer

Publishing for ProfitIt’s 12:47am as I’m drafting this.

At 12:30am I got an email from Super Affiliate Ewen Chia about yet another crazy offer.

That makes the 5th ‘crazy’ offer this week I thought.

I decided to check out the sales page for kicks before I turned in for the night.

Ewen was right. It IS a crazy offer.

This is the first time I’ve seen someone price a solid Internet Marketing product at $5.

And it’s more than 100 pages of content about creating eBooks and the business models for marketing them.

I bought it immediately for $5.10.

Here’re some screenshots of the content pages:


Ewen Chia and building the ‘Me’ brand

One reason why I’ve always been able to hit the top ranks of whatever I’m aiming for, whether in school, journalism, or in my entrepreneur ventures, is that I’ve been able to find strong role models and mentors. Co-opt them. Adapt and apply their strategies (this is one of the techniques I use in BizExcelleration)
Adopt your mentors best practices, take massive action, look at your results.

Does it work?

I think my results speak for themselves.

Let’s go on to my favourite affiliate marketer.

Ewen Chia and Andrew Wee

Super Affiliate Ewen Chia and Andrew Wee

Something he said during Saturday’s workshop (that’s the Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok Advanced Strategies workshop) gave me my money’s worth.


Going, going…

Well, just gone actually.

I happened to get up at 4am, wanting to check out the Web Advertising Secrets page.

Ewen Chia Web Advertising Secrets

Let me be among the first to let you know that it’s off the market.

And kudos to regular reader Chi Ang who got one of the last copies available.

You should get your blog up quickly, girl!

By the way, I was supposed to blog about this earlier.


Close Encounters of the Ewen Chia kind

Hi folks,

I have a confession to make.

I may have erm…had a hand in influencing the product marketing for one of Super Affiliate Ewen Chia’s products.

You see, on the sidelines of Internet Money Secrets, I got some 1-on-1 time with Ewen and I gave him some feedback on his products.

Ewen Chia and Andrew Wee

Super Affiliate Ewen Chia and Andrew Wee

I was telling him that a lot of my success had come from his affiliate marketing materials. I have been learning Internet Marketing only from information products.

I haven’t signed up for any coaching or 1-on-1 type mentorships. Ewen’s products are written in an easy to understand and even easier to apply fashion.

They had thrown open the gates of affiliate marketing for me. (more…)