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Friday Podcast: Facebook Marketing With FinchSells


FinchSells has burst on the affiliate blogging scene this year, with a brand of sarcastic, yet insightful blog posts. Coupled with an in-your-face approach to affiliate marketing, “Finch” (not his real name) has generated a fair amount of buzz and been recently accepted into the 9Rules blog network.

So I got him on the phone from London to speak his mind. Some of the stuff we discussed:

  • How he left school at 16 and got involved with online marketing
  • How he made the transition from his job to doing affiliate marketing full time
  • His first sources of traffic for his affiliate offers and how he’s narrowed it to one primary source: Facebook Ads.
  • Some of the tips and techniques for optimizing conversions
  • How to make Facebook Ads work

Check out the Friday Podcast below:


Friday Podcast: PPC Success Strategies With Gauher Chaudhry

Gauher Chaudry

When the training course Pay Per Click Formula was launched a couple of years ago, it gave many internet marketers their first exposure to PPC-based marketing. Among the first courses in PPC affiliate marketing, it had an impact on the industry. A number of the members in the course have gone on to become top CPA affiliates and many have created landing page tools, keyword tools and shared techniques which other PPC marketers have benefited from.

I invited PPC Formula’s creator, Gauher Chaudhry, to come on the Friday Podcast to share his thoughts on:

  • How he got started in internet marketing and eventually made the transition to PPC marketing
  • Trends in paid traffic generation methods
  • Whether Google is “out to get affiliates”, as some marketers have speculated
  • Managing your risk and cashflow as you scale your business
  • Offer selection and his thoughts on hot niches and evergreen niches
  • How government regulation might affect affiliates
  • His planning process when starting new campaigns
  • The growth of the PayPerClick Formula training program and future plans

Check out the podcast below:

Note: As a special offer to Friday Podcast listeners, PayPerClick formula is available for a limited time only (till 20th October), even though it’s officially off the market. The new version is expected to cost more than the digital version.

Check out:

No Friday Podcast Today

As much as I have enjoyed hosting the Friday Podcast over the past 2-ish years, the combination of:

  • the arrival of a new baby
  • developing and working on the launch of a couple of new projects
  • taking on more gigs that’ll eventually fund a new family home and a second car

means that something has to give, even though I’ve had lots of positive feedback about the podcast series. There’s about 5 to 10 hours of prep and production time that goes into each episode, and it’s very much a labor of love.

The Friday Podcast will be going onto a once a month publishing schedule until more time frees up.

It’ll be coming out the first Friday of each month, starting next month (October).


In the meantime, be sure to check out my Members Only podcast.

Friday Podcast: Online Classifieds and iPhone Application Development with Brad Waller

brad waller
Veteran internet marketer Brad Waller comes from an interesting background – with a degree in physics from MIT and 13 years in the aerospace industry, it doesn’t sound like the usual programmer/marketeter who wanders into internet marketer.

Together with his partners, Brad is one of the earliest marketers in the online classified space since 1993 and launched one of the earliest affiliate programs.

I invited Brad on the Friday Podcast to hear his thoughts on:

  • Getting started in the classifieds space and launching their affiliate program
  • How the classifieds model works and the user profile for those types of services
  • How marketers can use classifieds in their marketing campaigns
  • The pull factors drawing people to the site and the technology powering it
  • Best practices for marketing on classifieds
  • His new ventures in developing applications for the iPhone

Check out the podcast below:


Released iPhone apps (you can find them on the iPhone app store):

  • iClassifieds
  • ClassifiedsPro
  • Craigs+ NY (NY Only Classifieds)
  • Daily Deals (was not mentioned on the podcast)

In process apps:

  • Craigs+ NY (New York Only Classifieds)
  • Craigs+ LA (Los Angeles Only Classifieds)
  • iReportGraffiti
  • PicFlippr

Friday Podcast: A Strategy For Business Success With Amit Mehta

amit mehtaI invited top affiliate Amit Mehta on to talk about some of the experiences of affiliate marketers whom he’s coached, addressing the question why many of them aren’t more successful than they already are.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • What’s the difference between marketing success and failure and what’re the reasons behind this
  • What’s the major stumbling blocks that marketers constantly face and how do they break through them
  • If you’re an employee, how soon should you quit your job to go into affiliate marketing full time?
  • Techniques to increase your chances of business success
  • Why Amit has created a new Profit Swami blog, when he has a Super Affiliate Mindset blog
  • Upcoming developments at PPC Classroom

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Sports Affiliate Marketing With Joe Sousa

joe sousaAlthough I’ve known sports affiliate Joe Sousa for some time and have talked to him, it wasn’t until hanging out at Affiliate Summit that I got to know him better.

Joe like a quiet guy, till you become aware of the fact that he’s an affiliate marketer focused on the sports niche and does very well for himself.

Since he’s been in the affiliate marketing industry for about 10 years, it was nostalgic and interesting to have him come on the show and talk about:

  • How he got started in a SEO consultant role and got involved in affiliate marketing
  • A compare of the pay-per-sale versus the pay-per-lead business models
  • Why forced continuity affiliate programs will come under greater scrutiny in the future
  • How to get started as an SEO/content based affiliate
  • The in-your-face realities of being an affiliate marketer
  • How much you can realistically earn starting out as an SEO-based affiliate
  • Incorporating product datafeeds into your affiliate sites
  • How to break out of the rut that experienced affiliates gradually fall into
  • How to incorporate video into your marketing campaigns

Joe certainly went the distance in sharing his own experiences during the call.

Check it out below:



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