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Friday Podcast: PPC Affiliate Marketing Tips With Chad Frederiksen

Chad FrederiksenI met Chad Frederiksen (better known in affiliate marketing circles by his moniker “CDF Networks”) at the Blue Man Group show at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas earlier this year, and he came across as a very down-to-earth guy.

Which is a little surprising, given how successful he is as a PPC affiliate.

If you haven’t checked out his site yet, you might like to read his posts:

Doubtless his creativity and work ethic have played a part in feats like hitting the top 10 affiliates from CPA network Azoogle (now a division of Epic Advertising) 6 months after he started up his PPC -> affiliate campaigns.

His blog at CDFNetworks.com contains a treasure trove of PPC strategies, tips and case studies.

Since he already blogs in great detail about his tactics, I wanted to get a better idea of how his business system operates.

During our discussion, we covered:

  • How you can get started as a PPC affiliate
  • How Chad approaches his marketing campaigns, including a number of key techniques
  • Chad’s recommendation on learning resources, especially if you’re a new affiliate
  • Evaluation criteria on deciding which affiliate offer to promote
  • How you can increase earnings from your PPC efforts
  • How and why building destination sites will help grow your business

Check out the podcast below:

Win a Date with Search Engine Marketing Expert Shoemoney

Well, not quite a date, but still how does an intimate 1-on-1 consultation with one of the world’s top search engine marketers/optimization experts sound?

I saw this in Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker’s post “Emom Holds Birthday Contest

Wendy Piersall, owner of eMoms, is celebrating her blog’s one year birthday.

She’s roped in a number of the Elite Retreat faculty to provide prizes and all participants are eligible for a discount coupon for the next event.

The highlight, a phone consultation with Jeremy and Wendy on how to grow your business or blog.

shoemoney azoogle

The check Jeremy’s holding is for an Azoogle Ad.

Among the other prizes:

  • Aaron Wall’s SEO Book (an excellent resource for Search Engine Optimization)
  • A premium membership to Lee Dodd’s Earners Forum

And a number (more…)

Anatomy of A Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Whether you’re focus on a pay per sale (like Clickbank) or pay per lead affiliate campaign (like Azoogle), the system is pretty much the same.

And if you’re using a system (with formalized processes), you’re much more likely to succeed.

Every campaign will be different and things may not go the way you’ve planned, even if you’ve adopted the best practises from an affiliate marketing system, whether it’s from a super affiliate like Ewen Chia or Ros Gardner or a system like Affiliate Project X.

Nothing quite beats having hands-on experience though because real world experience is the ‘bridge’ between what you read about, and the actual affiliate commissions you will earn.

There are a number of (more…)

The Silent Affiliate Marketing Menace: Spybot

If you’re an affiliate marketer, take note, Spybot Search And Destroy, a spyware detection software has now identified several affiliate network tracker cookies as ‘spyware’.

If a user to your landing page runs spybot and deletes your cookie, it means you will not get credit for the affiliate sale.


Spybot already identifies Alexa as spyware, although Alexa tracks the sites you visit and depending on your perspective, it could be viewed as either a web metrics tool, or ‘spyware’.


Azoogle Ads Recruitment Campaign Launched

Azoogle AdsIn conjunction with Andrea Schoemaker (AKA PlanetAndrea), we’re announcing our partnership to jointly promote Azoogle Ads.

I’d be searching for a good CPA (cost per action) network for quite some time and the ones I’d be using, didn’t prove to be too effective for me.

In about 4 months of promotion, I’d racked up a mighty $0.94.

You can tell I was really enthused about doing promotion for that network, till I’d read Shoemoney’s (AKA the Ringtone King) blog about his results with Azoogle and that got me all fired up again. (more…)