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Monday Question: Drive Away Browsers And Seek Buyers

A client of mine showed me their blog, and asked: “I’m not happy with the income my blog is generating. Can you help me increase my profit? I run both google adsense and affiliate offers“.

While I can’t show the blog or do a screencapture due to confidentiality reasons, here are some points to help you bring your blog monetization to the next level.

Nothing beats a well-tuned blog. This means tracking your analytics and conversions, and making the improvements and tracking, and repeating the cycle.

Broadly, you need to understand the intention and outcome of every visitor to your blog.

Are they there to browse? To make a comparison? To make a purchase?

I’ve found that AdSense publishing is suited for browsers who are still looking for information and aren’t close to making a buying decision yet.

I’ve found AdSense to provide a fairly low ROI (return on investment), so I’ve focused on my affiliate marketing efforts.

You can’t have it both ways…

It’s unlikely that a visitor will both click on an adsense ad AND buy a product from you – It’s either one or the other.

I’ve heard pseudo blogging “experts” say that you should have both adsense and affiliate offers on your blog, because someone who doesn’t buy, will click on your adsense ads instead.


If you follow such ill-founded advice, you could possibly (more…)

Prevent Blog Calamities with WP DB Backup

If you’ve not experienced a corrupted blog or having your blog data wiped out, or even worse, hijacked, consider yourself lucky.

With WordPress evolving fast and furiously since 2.1.x, the number of improvements to the user interface, processing, and bug rectification has made WordPress the preeminent blogging platform in my opinion.

However, with the release of WordPress 2.1 onwards, you may have noticed that the “Backup” function might’ve been missing from the “Manage” tab.

According to Austin Matzko’s blog “The lead developers decided to un-bundle it (the WordPress Database Backup Plugin) from WordPress starting with version 2.1″, which is a pity because the latest version includes the ability to schedule backups using the CRON function.

If you’re an adventurous blogger, constantly experimenting with plugins (and possibly corrupting your blog in the process), or want to provide an easy restoration in the event of “blog malfunction”, be sure to install Austin’s WordPress Database Backup plugin.

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