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Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Jump and the Facts About CPA Marketing

Mike Filsaime and partner Joe Holland have recently launched a new “CPA affiliate network” to mixed reviews. But has it lived up to it’s hype? Let’s take a look.

After reading Ian Fernando’s scathing review last week, I wanted to take a close look at Affiliate Jump for myself.

Filsaime is an experienced internet marketer and has created products like Butterfly Marketing, Viral Friend Generator, 7Figure Income and Affiliate Conspirary. Given that Mike already owns affiliate network PayDotCom (where he’s still president and CEO), why has he launched another “affiliate network” Affiliate Jump?

Besides the obvious make money angle (for Filasaime), the jury is still out on the value the new “network” provides. Here’s my take.

“CPA Affiliate network” – I think the term is used loosely here. For one, there’s a $200 entry fee. Affiliate Jump ranks as one of the few (and possibly only) affiliate networks that requires affiliates to PAY to join.

The real world equivalent might be if you wanted to sell your house, you engage a realtor to market your property. You then CHARGE the realtor for the right to (more…)

Monday Question: What’s A Good Niche To Get Into?

Starting this week, I’m kicking off a series of answers to readers questions which will appear every Monday (hence…the “Monday Question”).

Here’s this weeks question: “I’m a new Internet Marketer, which Internet Marketing product do you suggest I start promoting as an affiliate”

My answer: You should pick the area in which you have the greatest affinity.

Note that the most successful Internet Marketers will brand themself in a specific manner, with one identity, for example, you might have:

  • Joel “AdSense” Comm
  • Mike “Viral Marketing” Filsaime
  • Chris “Super Affiliate” McNeeley
  • John Carlton “The Marketing Rebel”
  • Michel Fortin “The Copywriting Doctor”
  • Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse
  • Gary Ambrose “Viral Listbuilder”

You hardly come across someone who brands themself as a adsense/PPC/eBay/super affiliate/seo/product creator for a reason. You lose credibility because most will not believe you can master so many specializations just a couple of months into the industry.

You might have a few (more…)

A Tale Of 3 Young Malaysian Internet Marketers

Three young Malaysian Internet Marketers are raising funds for air travel and accomodation to the US to attend an Internet Marketing seminar, to achieve this aim, they’ve put together an Internet Marketing product firesale.

vince tan melvin ng gobala

(Left to Right: Vince Tan, Gobala, Melvin Ng)

Dubbed the “7 Day Super Firesale”, Malaysia-based Internet Marketers, Vince Tan, Melvin Ng and Gobala Krishnan have put together 100 products on topics ranging from product launches, blogging, traffic generation, product creation and product marketing.

If you’re a new Internet Marketer, you will find a number of these products can be very useful in helping you better understand some of the fundamentals of Internet Marketing. Granted, you can probably get most of this information from high authority blogs, forums, Wikipedia, Ask.com and Yahoo! Answers, but I think the value you’ll get is from having the information aggregated at one central location.

If you’ve been doing Internet Marketing for at least a year, and are generating a comfortable income from your efforts, you might (more…)

List Building and List Raiding for Profit (and Fun)

Some Internet Markters harbor a sneaking suspicion that their list which they’ve studiously built up is being raided if they send out an offer like Mike Filsamie’s Death of Internet Marketing.

Somehow, they fear they might ‘sell out their list for a measly $1.

(And some even fear they might not receive that $1).

One thing I’ve learned from sales is if you don’t provide your prospect with a list of options available (even if it’s from a competitor) you risk losing the sale, and even worst the customer.

I agree that you’d want to protect your list, especially if you’ve spent previous PPC dollars building it up.

bird cage

But consider this too. If you treat your list like a caged bird, your list members will flee the first chance they have. (more…)