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Is MySpace’s MyAds Destined To Reap My Success?

WebProNews has mentioned that MySpace has launched it’s MyAds ad serving platform, which is old news if you’ve read Chad Frederiksen’s AKA CDF Networks’ first impressions of the MyAds platform last month.

myspace myads

I’ve spoken to a number of affiliates who say they turn off social networks like MySpace during their content network targeted campaigns because the conversions can be very poor.

With MySpace setting a $0.25 cost per click, you’re going to have to look at an offer payout of at least $2.50 (if not, a higher payout) to make it worth your while.

What might work on a social network might be a lead generation zip or email submit offer and if MySpace’s demographic targeting works as promised, it could be a goldmine for smart affiliates.

You can check out MySpace MyAds.