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Namecheap January Code and Domain Registration Tips

If you’re like me, you’re registering domain names all the time.  Except for a couple of domains that are scattered at GoDaddy and another domain name registrar (who’s service is less than spectacular, so I’m going to pass on naming them), I have all my domains at Namecheap.

The discount code/coupon code for Namecheap for January is: WINTERFEVER

The code will cut your registration cost from $9.29 to $8.41.

It won’t make or break the bank for most affiliate marketers out there, but if you save a couple of hundred dollars, that translates into a couple hundred more clicks for you to do testing.

As the new year starts up, I’m hitting the ground running with a new campaign and got a bunch of domains yesterday.

If you’re new at this,  here’re a couple of domain strategies to think about:

  • Domain names can be split tested like anything else. At $8-10 a pop, they don’t require as much effort as some of the other variables you might test. Split testing two similar domain names might mean the difference between a 1% and a 5% clickthrough rate (which is huge).
  • Go for a benefit-laden domain as these get visitors intrigued, curious and ultimately, motivated to click. Marketing guru Dan Kennedy had to come up with the product name for a new insect killer, his choice “Kills Bugs Dead”. The result? Sales went through the roof…Nuff said.
  • Adverbs in your domain name need to be in line with the mindset of your prospects. If you’re selling a high ticket item, you’d want to avoid “free”, “cheap” or “discount” and look at “Quality” or “Best” instead.
  • Go for a 1-year registration and if it’s a winner, you can renew it next year. Even if a “2 year registration costs just $1 more”, you’ll probably want to do more tweaking before settling on a domain. I prefer having a whole bunch of 1-year domains to test with.

If you need a hosting account to go with your domains, look for webhosting providers which host a large number of domains. In some cases the hosting account will host an unlimited number of domains.

You might like to check out:

–> Hostmonster

–> Bluehost (slightly higher grade)

They’re both brands/corporate entities owned by the CEO Matt Heaton and are based in Orem, Utah.

2 comments on Namecheap January Code and Domain Registration Tips

  1. Bruce
    January 17, 2010 at 4:21 am (4021 days ago)

    Hi Andrew,

    Just found this post.

    Do you have a view on adding a suffix to a domain name if you can’t get the exact one you want? To take your example, suppose you wanted to compete for the keyword “Kills Bugs Dead”, would you register “killsbugsdeadinfo.com” for example?

    Or does the suffix destroy any value the keyword might have in attracting the search spiders?

    I recently bought some interesting Google keyword reports from Oz (addictivetext.com), and if I understand correctly, that is exactly the point he was making.

    Do you agree?

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