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Key Traffic Generation Strategies From Seer Interactive’s Wil Reynolds

Wil ReynoldsTogether with my buddy Amit Mehta yesterday, we had a great call with Seer Interactive founder Wil Reynolds (right) for our Super Affiliate Accelerator program.

We were talking about how paid search and organic search were converging, and the role of search engine optimization, even for PPC marketers.

Some examples of the convergence of SEO and PPC:

You can study your top converting PPC keywords and develop content pages based around them to attract organic traffic. (One of the strategies that Aaron Wall mentions in SEO Book).

In addition, I use the reverse method: Looking at (more…)

Selling Paid Links = PageRank Death

So it’s official…From the mouth of SearchEngineJournal editor Loren Baker post “Matt Cutts confirms paid links and PageRank update“, the voice of Google Matt Cutts has said:

The partial update to visible PageRank that went out a few days ago was primarily regarding PageRank selling and the forward links of sites. So paid links that pass PageRank would affect our opinion of a site.

Going forward, I expect that Google will be looking at additional sites that appear to be buying or selling PageRank. 

So if you’re selling links, kiss PageRank goodbye.

This would be a good move to shift more human relevant content into the SERPs, although without visibility of it’s PR algorithmn, it’s difficult to judge how a site providing quality content can justify the provision of free content WITHOUT advertising as a revenue stream.

Has Google’s quality score grown to encompass the quality and sophistication of site content?

Or will it be some time before a comprehensive content ranking system makes it’s way into the PageRank system.

On the bread-and-butter side of things, I (more…)

SEO For the NEW Google / Yahoo! / MSN

Affiliate Summit co-founder Shawn Collins has kindly put up the presentations from the recent (and inaugural) Affiliate Summit London.

wil reynolds

Seer Interactive’s Wil Reynolds

One of the presenters, Seer Interactive’s Wil Reynolds didn’t fail to shine as always with his “SEO For the New Google / Yahoo! / MSN” presentation (somewhat wordy, but chock full of content as usual).

No word yet on whether Shawn will have the videos up, but you can download (more…)

Wil Reynold’s SEO Strategies To Maximize Revenue and Profit

Affiliate Summit Co-Founder Shawn Collins has been uploading all the presentations from the recent Affiliate Summit East online and one of the standouts is Seer Interactive Wil Reynold’s presentation “SEO Site Critiques” which aims to help you target the right keywords and use SEO best practices.

Wil is founder of Philadelphia-based SEO firm Seer Interactive and he focuses on marketing, SEO and analytics.

affiliate summit east wil reynolds

There’re a number of what I call SEO Snake’s Oil salesmen out there who will claim to help you rank for 1,000 keywords, but Wil has a caveat empor warning for those who might fall prey to these ruses:

wil reynolds

I have been reading of instances in which some dubious SEOs will help you rank for terms like “divorce lawyer outrageous settlement los angeles”. But seriously, what’s the (more…)

Ranking For Your Name In Google = Money In The Pocket

Most information marketers might focus on developing a strong product, or a sales page with high conversion rates, but it pays to rank at the top of the search engine results for your name and/or your company name, even if you don’t give a flying H1, H2 or META about Search Engine Optimization.

Witness the case of musician “AM”, who gave up his given name and goes by his initials and has been lost in the search engine results pages. (Wall Street Journal “You’re Nobody Unless Your Name Google Well“)

AM probably has lost countless sales due to fans landing on the pages of AM radio stations or American Greetings Corp (stock ticker: AM). Appearing on page 20 of the search results could spell online death.

You could counter this in a number of ways.

Increase your search engine (more…)