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Weekend Wonderings – 25 May 2008

Twitter seems to have gone down for most of this past weekend. Maybe the Department of Homeland Productivity is seeing if their hypothesis that productivity increases by 517% when Twitter goes down can be proven in a real-world field test.

The new Battlestar Galatica season 4 on the SciFi Channel continues to be one of the best series on TV.  Besides the typical science fiction themes and CGI special effects, the human story is pretty engaging and like any great movie/tv series mirroring real world reality (like Frank Miller’s “300”) it’s amazing how the creators mirror real world events in their storylines.

Ongoing Project:  I’ve been working on a blogging-related project since early last year, and it looks like it’s getting into the final lap. Projected completion and launch? Possibly Mid-June.

It’s interesting how this blog has developed since its early root in 2005 from the old blog over at blogspot.

More importantly, it’s amazing how far blogging has evolved in the space of 2 years. (I can still remember when there were only 1 or 2 video blogs listed in the blog directories…now they’re everywhere.)

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