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10,000 in Your List…Now What?

One of my friends mentioned that he’s built a list of 10,000 opt-in members into his mailing list within a period of 7 days…so what’s he supposed to do now, he asks.

I don’t think any responsible email marketer will give advice before finding out more information.

For example, how was the list built? Using PPC? Expired domain traffic? Co-reg traffic? Via opt-ins through Squidoo or HubPages? Via an article directory? As a result of a follow up/update list after buying a product (either an affiliate product or your own product).

Each of these channels comes with it’s own level of permission – and if you’re a permission-based marketer, you’ll realized that someone who’s just bought something from you has a higher level of loyalty and stickiness, compared to someone who’s just downloaded a free report off your site.

So back to the 10,000 mailing list – determine the source of list/lead generation is important. Are they emotionally invested in you? Have they spent money purchasing something you offer? Called into one of your teleseminars and stayed the full duration because they found the information compelling? Are they merely curious strangers? Or evangelists for your brand (also known as “raving fans”).

Once you’ve sorted that out, you need to figure out the demographics of your list too. What’s their (more…)

Product Review of Blog/Content Site Monetization Widget: WidgetBucks

Tech entrepreneurs have done it again, this time infusing money-making opportunities into Web 2.0 widgets.
My friend, Jim Kukral mentioned that WidgetBucks will have a launch at Tuesday midnight EST. But who can really make money out of this?

Before you rush out and install on your blog, I’d do some due diligence to make sure you’ll earn something decent and that you’ll get paid.

From WidgetBuck’s website: “WidgetBucks comes to you from the folks at Mpire Corporation, the award-winning meta-shopping service. Mpire’s extensive shopping data experience, including its proprietary contextual, analytics and relevancy algorithms, power WidgetBucks. Founded in 2005, Mpire is backed by Ignition Partners and former eBay executive and Pay Pal angel investor Richard Rock.

WidgetBucks Jim Kukral

What is WidgetBucks?
It’s a javascript-based widget (a small banner-like graphic) that you install on your website or blog, and it uses a comparison shopping type engine to pull relevant listings (the FAQ says “Product listings from 30,000 merchants including trusted leading brands”) and displays it there.

It works on a PayPerClick basis, so it’s similar to adsense, though at $3-6 eCPM ($3-6 per 1,000 visitors), it’s claimed to pay much higher than the industry average of $1-2 eCPM.

Of course compared to affiliate marketing, where I earn about $10-$100 per customer, WidgetBucks and AdSense will seem like chump change.

As has been mentioned before in this blog, (more…)

Customer Engagement Makes You The Big Internet Marketing Bucks

There’s a constant debate about the “best” way to earn online income, and the simple answer is that there is no optimum path to achieving this goal. But one thing is certain, the deeper the engagement with your visitors, the more you’ll benefit.

Here’s why: The whole system of Internet Marketing profits is based on effort and engagement.


Web advertising (text links, banner ads, Adsense) has a back-of-napkin payout of about 1-10% against your time and resorces.

Comparatively, CPA (cost per action) marketing where you’re rewarded on leads taking an action (filling in a form, submitting an email address or zip code) pays about 5% to 30% return on your effort.

Affiliate marketing with payouts on completed transactions gives a payout of 10% to 90% (depending on whether it’s a physical product or digital one).

And the big kahuna is product creation with payouts of 20% to 100%, and you control the highway toll booth so to speak.

The higher payouts are proportional to customer engagement, and your efforts to profile and understand them.

With that equation clearly in mind, why would you (more…)

How to Crash-And-Burn Your Branding Blog

Bloggers take note, there’re 2 basic types of blogs:

  • Branding blogs
  • Monetization blogs

Branding blogs: Build either your personal brand or a product/service brand. An example of this could be high-end gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer’s blog or this blog which focuses on blogging, affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

On the other hand, you have “Monetization blogs” which are intended to generate income. The blogs can serve either as traffic generation tools to push visitors to a site, or sell products or services themselves. Product review blogs designed to close transactions fall into this category.

Monetization blogs also include blogs created solely to monetize Google’s Adsense contextual advertising program. Such blogs feature prominent locations for adsense advertising blocks, or other advertising networks like Yahoo Search Marketing or Adbrite’s ad blocks.

You can recognize (more…)

Speedlinking #5 – Search, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Traffic

A Roundup of Interesting Post:


TropicalSEO gives you the lowdown on linkbuilding services and a couple of recommendations. Is TrustRank the new PageRank? Read his post and see.

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  • Blogging

Hit a plateau in your blogging efforts?

Yaro Starak has analyzed ProBlogger Darren Rowse’s path to blogdom and provide some insight that blogging can be a pathway to greater things.

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–> The Advantages Top Bloggers Have That You Don’t

  • Affiliate Marketing

Super Affiliate Ros Gardner bumps her adsense earnings up 5 times and (more…)

Internet Money Secrets Day 2

Joel CommIt’s a late post today as yesterday was a long day.

But Internet Money Secrets was well worth attending.

First up was Joel Comm, who came in live via video link from Oklahoma.

I like Joel’s approach to creating content.

He strives to create original content, rather than scraped content.

Among the sources he uses:

  • Writing it yourself
  • Outsourcing it
  • Having site visitors create it (blog comments, forums)
  • Using public domain works
  • RSS Feeds
  • Teleseminars and other audio
  • Repurposed material (reusing your old stuff)

Pretty interesting, especially for those of us who’re constantly striving to create original content for our blogs and webposts.

Incidentally, if you didn’t already know, the best performing adsenseunits are the:

  • Large rectangle (336×280)
  • Leaderboard (728×90)

And if you didn’t already know, the best color combination to use for your adsense blocks are:

  • borderless ads (color code #ffffff)
  • blue links (#0000ff)
  • black descriptions (#000000)
  • gray URLs (#666666)

This combination makes for the most readable ad format.
Wow, I just gave out the essense of his seminar.

Well, not quite, because he gave away some other strategies too, about why people fail at adsense and his winning formula.

We had an interesting presentation from the Master Copywriter.