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The PPC Marketer Vs Info Marketer Face-Off

Having a foot each in the info marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) space has been eye-opening and there’re a number of possibilities for hybrid marketing, especially given the pros and cons of each side of the divide as I’ll go into details here…

Information Marketing (or Info Marketing) is where I started out, marketing ebooks and digital products and gradually developing my own products.

Traffic generation and list building are the bread-and-butter for info marketers. The mantra “The money is in the list” applies.

As an info marketer, you should be keenly aware of the lifetime value of each customer. That’s the value of commissions or product sales you’d expect from each of your customers over the lifetime that they do business with you.

[If this is new to you, you need to work this out immediately, as it had direct implications on your business]

If you have compelling and sticky content and treat them well, you can expect to grow very loyal customers.

What’s a loyal customer?

Take me for example, when it comes to digital cameras and camcorders, I’d look at what Sony and Canon offer. If they don’t have what I’m looking for, I’ll consider other options (only with great reluctance).

The old time marketers would call this “brand loyalty”, the Internet Marketers would call this (more…)

New PPC Marketers Must Overcome These Challenges…

As I’m working with PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta on our Super Affiliate Accelerator project, I’ve stumbled on a number of challenges that new PPC marketers are going to face, and have developed some workarounds for them. Plus new PPC marketers can get free AdWords traffic too.

Which PPC Ebook Should I Buy?

The first challenge, PPC marketers will face is the plethora of PPC ebooks (primarily focused on AdWords) out there. There’s a large number of PPC-focused forums and affiliate marketing forums with large PPC sub-sections.

So which do you choose?

Before buying anything, I’d suggest time checking out the AdWords Help Center and reading the Inside AdWords blog. (They’re both FREE).

As you know, I buy just about every Internet marketing product out there and a number of AdWords “Insider” ebooks merely rehash the content contained with the Help Center.

So save your $47 (use it for your PPC costs instead) and check out the resources, the Google AdWords team has provided for free…

Can I Test Google AdWords For Free?

If you’re new to using paid traffic, you might have a slight phobia as I did (as I’ve been using free social traffic generation methods to bring traffic to my sites). But here’s a way to get free adwords traffic.

There’s a number of free AdWords coupons out there (so you can have a free PPC trial if you choose to).

You can google for (more…)

Monday Question: Pay-Per-Click vs Blogging vs Free Traffic face-off

Mark asked “I have been reading your blog for awhile, and everything I have seen you do has revolved around blogging and free traffic. Have you had success with this program, and/or with PPC in general recently? I am just a bit surprised to see you promoting this offer since I haven’t read about you doing things with PPC before.”

Here’s my response to this Monday Question:

Monday Question - PPC Vs Blogging And Free Traffic - The best bloopers are a click away

While blogging and free traffic continue to generate 90-95% of the traffic (with SEO traffic making up the balance), like any business owner, I’m looking at ways to grow my business and increase sales and profits.

PPC is certainly a good prospect, which is why I’m promoting PPC Classroom. It comes from 2 credible Internet marketers, Jeremy Palmer and Anik Singal, and I’ve had a chance to take a look at the product. The next phase is (more…)

PPC Classroom Bonus: Super Affiliate Accelerator And New Payment Plan

Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer’s PPC Classroom is turning out to be an unbelievable launch.

In response to customer requests, PPC Classroom now offers a 3-installment payment plan of $187 each. This should make this groundbreaking product within the reach of new affiliate marketers.

I have heard that sales are either approaching or have broken the 1,000 mark, ranking this among the most successful product launches.

Not to be left behind, Amit Mehta and I have launched the Super Affiliate Accelerator program as a bonus for our PPC Classroom customers.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • PPC Zero to Hero Coaching: a 9-week hard hitting coaching program, where you’ll see how a PPC campaign is developed from the ground up, researched, launched, test and tracked, and optimized. You’ll have the skills to replicate the campaign.
  • AM^2 Toolkit: This is a set of strategies and tools that Amit uses in his own campaigns. He’s not shown them to anyone, except his consulting clients. Here’s your chance to get access.
  • Affiliate Mind Meld sessions: This is a series of sessions where we’ll interview leading figures in the affiliate industry and gain a better understanding of each person’s techniques. Even better, we’ll teach you how to apply them in your own campaigns.

PPC Classroom Bonus: Amit Mehta And Andrew Wee’s Super AffiliateThe best video clips are here

Not enough?

For the next 12 hours (from Friday noon EST to Friday Midnight), Amit and I will be adding on a 2 hour LIVE coaching call. We’ll go into specific super affiliate techniques that you can apply immediately, have Hot Seats lined up where we’ll analyze and optimize PPC campaigns in real time and take your most burning questions. This session will have very LIMITED capacity.

Note: Outside of this promotion, the Super Affiliate Accelerator is not available. Take action now to avoid disappointment.

To get these bonuses, you need to sign up for PPC Classroom NOW. (from the link to the left).

To claim your bonuses, send your payment verification to enquiries(at)whoisandrewwee<dot>com before Friday Midnight EST. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Friday Podcast Episode 23: The Bootstrap Mentality Will Cripple Your Business…

…And a possible cure.

bootstrap mentality

This edition of the Friday Podcast focuses on possibly pitfalls for the budding Internet Marketer.

Jump across this chasm that faces almost every business owner and you’ll be shooting for the stars.

Detailed notes follow, click on the “more” tab:


PPC Classroom Product Review – A No-BS Review

Note: Click here for the latest PPC Classroom 2.0 (by Amit Mehta and Anik Singal – Feb 2009)  product review


A major grouse I have with “shopping comparison sites” is that there’s often no “comparison” involved. They’re usually just a bunch of scraped data from affiliate datafeeds. There’s no “opinion” or comparison of the pros and cons of the product. Just a pile of digital trash on the information highway in my opinion.

It’s frequently the same case with Internet Marketing product “reviews” too…You know those ads that go:

Is Product XYZ A Scam? Check here to find the facts!
Don’t Buy Product XYZ Till You Read This Review
OR my favorite
An Honest Review of Product XYZ” (yeah right…)

If you head over to the page, you usually see a regurgitation of the marketing material, or just a listing of the product’s specifications, the price and maybe some bogus “bonus”…whoopee…

In my past vocation as a tech journalist, I used to evaluate product and service offerings from the likes of Microsoft, Iomega, Diamond Multimedia, Creative Technology among others. The product reviews were subsequently syndicated on the newswires and online tech portals, so I’ll use the same methodology here as well.

What’s good and bad about PPC Classroom?

First off, the product is pretty comprehensive.
From the product graphic, it looks like:

  • 4 manuals
  • 7 discs (probably a combination of CDs or DVDs)
  • At least 8 handouts
  • Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer’s “top secret” software tool for tracking ad campaigns across various pay-per-click search engines (a necessity once you are spending large amounts on PPC on a daily basis).

Regarding the course structure, it’s geared towards newer affiliate marketers with topics on:

  • An introduction to PPC and affiliate marketing
  • Keyword matching
  • Understanding PPC stats
  • Finding niches and identifying hot demand
  • Evaluating your competition and building your USP (unique selling proposition)

And the bread and butter of the PPC-affiliate marketing trade, affiliate marketing monetization strategies (more…)