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New PPC Marketers Must Overcome These Challenges…

As I’m working with PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta on our Super Affiliate Accelerator project, I’ve stumbled on a number of challenges that new PPC marketers are going to face, and have developed some workarounds for them. Plus new PPC marketers can get free AdWords traffic too.

Which PPC Ebook Should I Buy?

The first challenge, PPC marketers will face is the plethora of PPC ebooks (primarily focused on AdWords) out there. There’s a large number of PPC-focused forums and affiliate marketing forums with large PPC sub-sections.

So which do you choose?

Before buying anything, I’d suggest time checking out the AdWords Help Center and reading the Inside AdWords blog. (They’re both FREE).

As you know, I buy just about every Internet marketing product out there and a number of AdWords “Insider” ebooks merely rehash the content contained with the Help Center.

So save your $47 (use it for your PPC costs instead) and check out the resources, the Google AdWords team has provided for free…

Can I Test Google AdWords For Free?

If you’re new to using paid traffic, you might have a slight phobia as I did (as I’ve been using free social traffic generation methods to bring traffic to my sites). But here’s a way to get free adwords traffic.

There’s a number of free AdWords coupons out there (so you can have a free PPC trial if you choose to).

You can google for “$25 AdWords Coupon”, “$35 AdWords coupon”, “$50 AdWords coupon” and “$100 AdWords coupon” (which seems to be the denomination that these coupons come in).

They aren’t always available though, but your web hosting account normally comes with some credits.

Ok, The Traffic Has Come In. But Not The Profits!

Now here’s the challenge for new PPC marketers:

  • Not bidding on enough keywords: It’s great to have a precision, sniper-like approach to PPC, trying to aim for the 5-10 successful sales-converting keyphrases when you’re starting out. But you’re unlikely to know what they are unless you test sufficiently.
  • Bidding on too many keywords: I applied a number of Amit’s techniques and generated a keyword list containing 2,000 keyphrases. As I sorted them out, I realized that I put in a number of terms which might not convert, so I had to go back and remove them. But then I’d created other problems for myself…

One key realization that PPC Super Affiliates are using (and that I’m starting to get a handle on) is to have a detailed game plan in mind. Among the points, your “PPC business plan” needs to contain:

  • What type of traffic you’re planning to attract
  • What specific keywords and keyphrases will attract that traffic profile
  • The ads which will get them to click
  • What action they’re supposed to take once they’ve clicked to your site
  • What will motivate them to take the action
  • How to create an incentive or motivate them to come back again (so your lead generation cost for the 2nd and subsequent visit is marginal or cost nothing)

As you can see, the strategy is more important than the action in any PPC Campaign.

The problem is that most new PPC marketers will logon to AdWords and “figure things out”, typing whatever comes to mind, rather than have a set plan.

That’s just like going to war without a game plan and shooting at anything that moves…Good luck…

If you engage in pointless actions, like submitting a 50,000 keyword list which is irrelevant and untargeted to your traffic, it WILL NOT convert, even if you’re paying $0.01 per click.

Having a game plan is very essential or having someone show you their game plan is critical to your success.

Having worked with Amit on a marketing campaign recently, which generated more than 700% ROI on our PPC spend, it’s very clear that our Super Affiliate Accelerator project is going to yield some interesting results.

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