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Friday Podcast: Profitable Social Marketing

Marketing on the social networks like Facebook, MySpace,  can be difficult to monetize if your marketing efforts aren’t focused.

In this podcast, I covered 3 principles that will help you better plan and generate income from your social marketing campaigns.

The principles are:

  • Pre-qualification
  • Building a sales funnel
  • Following up with your leads, especially using non-traditional communication channels

Check out the Friday Podcast:

Viral Video? Thoof Vs Digg

This video for metasite aggregator Thoof reminds me of the Apple vs PC ads that were pretty popular earlier this year.

You can be sure that more than a few viewers will be typing Thoof.com into their browsers after viewing this clip.

Open Season For Questions on Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Traffic Generation

Here’s an open solicitation for questions in the 3 areas I focus on:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Traffic Generation

I get lots of feedback on general posts, but here’s a chance for you to pose questions and get answers in a future post.

To make things a little easier, here’re some of the foundation between each of the areas I cover, so you can better “get” me and pose a question which might best help you:


I see blogging as the next generation of web publishing. It certainly beats the HTML I was bashing out on a text editor in 1997 when I was managing web portals.

The introduction of RSS and Social Networking/Bookmarking widgets means you can easily get a blog from the starting point to more than 10,000 uniques in less than 6 months after starting.

Someone might say, “Sure, I can do that in a single day by getting my post listed on Digg or one of the other big bookmarking sites”, but what I’m refering to is a consistent stream of traffic, as in a consistent 1,500-2,000 page views per day. Not 50,000 page views today, and 200 page views tomorrow.

The underlying philosophy here is that (more…)

MyBlogLog Social Traffic Credibility and Attempts To Cripple Spammers

MyBlogLog can be a source of highly-targeted, relevant and free traffic if you know how to use it effectively.

But increasingly, spam marketers have been bombarding the social networking site, such that there is a toggle to view messages only from members of your social network (and cut out messages from non-members (potentially spammers).

MyBlogLog obviously views the matter seriously enough to take further measures.

Witness the latest salvo:


I was in the midst of posting messages to PepperJam’s Kris “Mr Pepperjam” Jones and Robyn Martin‘s MyBlogLog profiles. [To comment on the latest Meet the PepperJam Team video]

There’s now a daily message cap of about 20 messages sent per day.

[Check out the MBL blog post "Spam-a-lama-dama" for details]

In my opinion, MyBlogLog is one of the most, if not THE site, for (more…)

Optimize and Deal with Blog-Crashing Traffic

If you’ve experimented with social traffic strategies, you might’ve encountered the Digg Effect (or also known as the Slashdot effect) where a torrent of traffic (upwards of 1,000 unique visitors a second) brings your webhost to a screaming halt.

Matt Coddington over at NetBusinessBlog is masterful at this technique.

Observe his traffic:

matt coddington netbusinessblog

One of his Dugg posts is: Building a Niche Minisite (Part 1)

One of the reason why your webhost might crash is due to the processing required in compiling the PHP code and serving up the page for each visitor.

This could literally kill the server resources during peak periods.

So Ricardo Galli’s WP Cache provides a workaround, by caching your blog posts as static pages, enabling you to serve hundreds of times more pages per second.

In fact, the plugin serves to “reduce the response time from several tenths of seconds to less than a millisecond.”

The plugin is (more…)

Reduce Blog Clutter to Increase Traffic and Monetization

Your blog setup can make or break your blogging efforts.

And the major problem is that many new bloggers have a “more is better” mentality.

Their blogs up as a dumping ground for too many unnessary plugins, icons, and “Top Blog site” tags.

You are a “Top Blog” because your readers come back constantly to check the content.

You are a “Top Dog” when other bloggers point at your blog posts as a resource for their readers to check out.

So if you’re guilty of abusing the social WordPress plugin (which allows readers to bookmark your post at popular social bookmarking sites) in the following manner:

social wordpress plugin

or even:

blog debris socialble plugin wordpress

So if you choose it, don’t go hog wild and display 20 services. Plug 3 services, or a maximum of 5 if you have to.

StumbleUpon is good, so’s Digg and Reddit.

There’re even worse things you can do however, and that’s to (more…)