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Would You Sell Your Soul for Paid Blog Posts?

In reply to my Speedlinking post, “Sleepy Blogger” Robyn Tippins left an interesting comment “I still don’t know exactly how I feel, long term, about PPP, but I’m interested in the roads they’re traveling.”

Robyn certainly echoes the sentiments of bloggers who’re focused on building a brand.

In case you’re not familiar with paid posting, it works like this:

A company contracts a paid posting service provider to get bloggers to blog about their company, product or service. Usually, the stipulation is that the post must contain a backlink to the company. Bloggers may be required to post pre-written (usually positive-slanted) content and there may be safeguards to ensure they don’t post any negativity about the subject.

Payment for a single post varies, typically ranging from $10-20, and going up to $100 or even more (though that might involve making a video clip, posting it to YouTube and featuring it on your blog).

I’d signed up with some of the paid posting networks and wasn’t (more…)

Speedlinking #4 – Search, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Traffic

Here’s a roundup of insightful posts:


Shoemoney put out a tasty post and buzzed industry contacts with the hypothetical “Would you hire Matt Cutts? If you had to come up with a dollar figure to offer him what would it be? What would his job title and job description be?”

A number of informative and insightful responses from the likes of Kris Jones (CEO PepperJamSearch), Patrick Gavin (CEO Text Link Ads), Greg Hartnett (Best Of The Web), Christine Kim, Rand Fishkin (Owner SEOMOZ), Jason Calacanis (Former CEO Weblogs INC & AOL Exec), Neil Patel – CEO ACS Web Consulting, Danny Sullivan, Aaron Wall – SEOBook

Here’s the link: Would You Hire Matt Cutts?

  • Blogging

Robyn Tippins looks at the backlash from the bloggers perspective from the proposed acquistion of Performancing’s assets by PayPerPost (as mentioned earlier PerPerPost Acquires Performancing Assets). The PPP and Performancing deal nixed? Good thing or bad thing?

Here’s the link: Pay Per Post and Performancing Deal Nixed

  • Affiliate Marketing

Has Click Fraud been blown out of proportion? Jon F gives his perspective and gives his fix to the solution. The fact that he filed his post under “Industry Bullshit” will give an indication of his straight up, in your face perspective on the issue. (I’m looking forward to checking out his session together with Shoemoney at Affiliate Summit West)

Here’s the link: Click Fraud – The Overrated Internet Killer

  • Social Traffic

Social Marketer Michelle MacPhearson is back. Having given birth to a beautiful son, Colum, expect more social traffic tips from Michelle this year. I learned quite a bit from her about social traffic generation last year and will be expecting more good things from her this year.

Here’s the link: 1 Day Old

PayPerPost Acquires Performancing Assets

This news kind of blew me away when I read it.

Fresh in my inbox, advertising marketplace PayPerPost announced it has “signed a Letter of Intent to acquire select assets of Performancing LLC, operator of Performancing.com”

Although the acquisition cost was not mentioned, PayPerPost will gain blogging-related technologies such as Performancing Metrics, a free blog analytics service, and Performancing Exchange, an online “classifieds” for bloggers. (more…)

PayPerPost your way to wealth?

Darren Rowse’s post about: What do You Think About Sponsored Posts? is an interesting one, because it seemed to draw a number of negative responses.

Is paid posting the next big blogging satan? (to join the ranks of autosurf websites, ponzi schemes, suspect network marketing and it’s ilk?)

Pay Per Post

Frankly, I’m not sure why a lot of people seem deadset against advertising.

As a former journalist, I can tell you that without newspaper ads, your newspaper would probably cost $5 a copy. every day. (more…)