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Figuring out your long-term Internet Marketing game

I’ve probably had this conversation multiple times over the last month: Why aren’t I more actively using PPV in my marketing campaigns now?

I think the answer is philosophical.


The type of traffic you use and marketing offers, campaigns you plan and implement are an extension of your approach to Internet Marketing and in the broader picture, business.

I favor social traffic, organic search traffic and branded/word-of-mouth traffic more because I like long-term, consistent businesses that generate similar forms of revenue.

I think PPV is very suited for CPA traffic, especially for short form leading generation. I’ve not excluded being more aggressive with PPV, especially once I have some opt-in forms with a pre-sell email sequence behind it. But for now, I’m building out those sales funnels.

It may seem strange that I’d recommend David Ford’s PPV Playbook, since the perception is that it’s all focused on PPV.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find the media buy, ppc and usefully for me, the SEO and social media sections (with some great strategies and ideas by Stefanie Hutson).

Be sure to check it out.

And if you’d like a promo code, drop me an email. (the email is stored on my other computer…).

EDIT: Click here to get the access code.

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