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Inside Pay Per Click Formula 2

Following the last Friday Podcast with affiliate marketer Gauher Chaudhry, I’ve received questions via email about his product, Pay Per Click Formula 2 (PPCF2) and if it’s all its cracked up to be.

Here’s a product review for those who’re on the sidelines about getting a copy:

First the bad news: PPCF2 is not a magic bullet that will instantly make you a top affiliate. Heck, if you’re dead broke and don’t have any money, you might be better off doing bum marketing or some other “free” method of traffic generation, because PPC marketing requires a budget to fund your ad campaigns.

So contrary to those “instant internet riches” ebooks, PPCF2 will require some real work and some cash to get started.


Here’s the good news: PPCF2 is pretty expensive. It costs about $1,297 to be exact. Why’s that good news? From past experience, I’ve seen “hobbyist” internet marketers buy ebooks, then store them in some dark recess of their hard disk, never to be heard from again.

In contrast, because you’re likely making some type of sacrifice to purchase the course, you’re more likely to take action.

The other important factor is that the single price grants you admission for the lifetime of the product. There’s no monthly rebill/subscription that will end up dinging you for $50 or $97 each month to the tune of an extra $1,000 per year. To Gauher’s credit, he’s been supporting the product since it’s launch in 2007, with new updates coming out regularly (the last webinar/training call was held on Oct 13th and downloadable from the member’s area).

One price gets you everything? Check.

So what goes on behind the curtains?

I contemplated publishing screen captures of the stuff in the member’s area, but held back. Since a lot of the information behind the screens is something the members would like to keep within the circle, trying to publish images here would involve having to apply Gaussian blurs over more than half the graphics. Seems counter productive in my books.

Instead, here’s a writeup of what’s in the membership area:

  • PPCF2 Core Foundation: Consisting of 18 modules starting with an introduction to CPA marketing and comprehensively going through the major PPC ad networks, the course encompasses offer research, keyword research, campaign setup and campaign optimization. He doesn’t stop there, also covering tier-2 PPC networks, recovering/recycling lost traffic, social media ads and advanced affiliate tactics.
  • PPCF2 Live Workshop:If you weren’t able to make it to his workshop, there’s about 11 hours of video recordings for you to go through. This was held in March this year.
  • PPCF2 Webinars: These are calls covering advanced affiliate tactics as well as Q&A sessions relating to the core material.
  • Live CPA case study: Gauher goes through the process of building out a CPA campaign and explains how techniques and tools are used.
  • Member’s forum: Besides Gauher interacting with PPCF2 members, senior PPCF2 members (several of which are successful affiliates) give tips and exchange offer promotion ideas on the private members forum
  • Gauher’s campaign blog: As an active affiliate, Gauher blogs about campaigns he’s working on, potential pitfalls and challenges he’s facing, and some strategies to work through those issues.
  • PPCF member success stories: This is a series where Gauher interviews successful PPCF2 members. The current series features members who’re generating net profits of $1,000 per month, up till $35,000 net. The series goes beyond just going beyond the scope of PPC tactics to give an insight into how a successful affiliate business is run.
  • PPC affiliate tools and resources: Yes, there’re a number of suggested tools in this section. Yes, some will require further investment. These are all good things in my books because Gauher doesn’t just promote tools, he shows you the tools in his campaign and how he uses them. If used correctly, these tools should generate you income far in excess of what you might pay for some of these tools. (A number of tools are free).

Conclusion: While PPCF2 will not guarantee you’ll become a successful affiliate (that’s up to your own effort), it will not even likely be the last PPC course you ever buy, it will however, give you a good foundation to get started (whether you’re a newbie or have some experience under your belt). It’s one of the few products I recommend for new affiliates.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of PPCF2, do note that the digital edition (download only) will soon be replaced by the physical course (no later than October 20). The physical course will likely be priced at a high cost.

For a limited time only, you can check out the digital version of PPCF2.

Update: The digital version of PPCF2 is no longer available, you can check out the new version of PPCF2.

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