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Rethinking Traffic from Organic to PPC

If you look back at my earliest posts in 2006, you’d see that search engine traffic primarily through blogging had been my bread-and-butter source of traffic generation, which begs the question: why the shift to PPC and other forms of paid traffic?

Here’s the simple answer:  PPC gives you the scale to grow your business and target with precision specific geographical areas and demographic groups.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be the last to say “blogging is dead”, especially since I active promote my Secret Blog Weapon training program. I’ve seen customer values range in the $400 to $600 per person from content/blogging-based traffic. If you build trust and credibility with your core audience, and have a recommended product, together with specific strategies tied to how to use that product, service or course, your audience will follow you.

However, there’s a plateau you’ll hit, especially if you’re not open to joint ventures with other marketers. Because there’s an understanding to mutually promote each others products, even if their product quality is inferior or sub-par, you’ll probably end up promoting crappy products if you go down the joint venture route because of the “you scratch my back, i’ll scratch your back” vicious circle of guru mutual buttkissing.

So, organically, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to scale your business, but it’s always a trade off between money and time. You’re either spending time building links, submitting to directories, writing articles, or you’re outsourcing it. All of which I’ve done, plus a mix of emailing to build the trust and follow up with leads.


The major attraction of PPC, PPV, ad buying has been the ease of adding mass traffic to my campaigns. Although some new affiliates choose to jump into PPV, media buying right off the bat (especially if they’ve got comfortable budgets to work with), in my mind, PPC is a good way to build your foundations in the business.

PPC forces you to systematically plan, organize, implement and optimize your campaigns. If you’re doing things in a disorganized manner, you’ll encounter lots of growing pains along the way, as you pull down adgroups, regroup them, insert tracking/split testing. PPC forces you to be a better marketer before you take the next step up to keyword targeting or site targeting using less keyword-driven and more demographic-driven forms of paid traffic promotion.


If you’re new and struggling to scale your business, you might like to check out Gauher Chaudhry’s PPC Formula 2 course. I did a product review and have put up a bonus package too. There’s about 36 hours left (approximately noon EST on Wednesday).

UPDATE: I got the date at which the doors to PPCF 2 close wrong. Here’s the official word from Gauher: “PPC Formula 2.0 Launch Coming To An End… Grab Your Spot Before It Is Gone At Midnight On Nov 3, 2009.”

If you miss this window, it might be 6months or a year before membership opens up again.

2 comments on Rethinking Traffic from Organic to PPC

  1. Massive Traffic Report
    November 15, 2009 at 7:16 pm (4127 days ago)

    PPC is great for getting lots of traffic, fast. But for organic traffic, good, keyword optimized (very important – not just some content!) blogging is very effective.

  2. Corey
    November 20, 2009 at 12:50 am (4123 days ago)

    PPC has become really expensive. I have moved all my stuff to Pay per view because it is more affordable. Companies like mediatraffic.com and linksador.com will get you traffic at low bids like .01 to .015 per impression

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