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Getting Yourself Organized

In my books, you’re either planning/thinking/administrating, or you’re out there busting your butt/launching campaigns/optimizing campaigns.

If you’re the planning/thinking type, your stuff is probably well-organized.

If you’re constantly hustling, your paperwork is going to be in a mess.

Although I have the feeling that guys like Chad Frederiksen and John Hasson are both well-organized and ruthlessly efficient in their business.

I probably lean towards the messier side of marketing and as my wife might tell you, I sometimes have difficulty keeping track of schedule.

It’s probably too convenient for many marketers to claim they have ADD (attention deficient disorder). In fact, it’s almost a badge of honor to claim you have ADD. But if you check the DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual) published by the American Psychiatric Association, you’d see clear-cut definitions. Not some pop culture nonsense that some sitcom hack penned into an episode of Seinfeld which has since spread into pop culture.

The upshot of this is that there’s a sub-culture of products, services and courses to cater to people who are disorganized and can’t get their act together. Stuff like time management and goal setting courses from the likes of Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, reminder services like RememberTheMilk, scheduled email reminders may just add to the complexity of your life without solving the underlying problems.

The solution to being able to get shit done lies simply in getting your shit done.

No amount of writing love notes to yourself or giving yourself a pep talk as you stare in the mirror is going to launch another campaign, nor get your testing done for you.

Do the most important thing first thing in the day before you go to your day job (if you have one), or before you login to xbox live or WoW (if you don’t).


I’ll be the first to confess that one of the main motivators for creating Smart Link Manager was that maintaining spreadsheets with multiple tracking links, sub IDs to track campaigns across multiple PPC and PPV networks was getting to be too much of a pain in the ass. One of the reasons why I started pulling a number of CPA campaigns.

Smart Link Manager might not have conversion tracking now (go ask yr AM about pixel misfires sometime. I just use subIDs to track) and not have link rotation now. But what it does, it does well.

Between me and my bank balance, we’re both doing well.

I have to get back to completing the June updates for the Internet Marketing Cookbook.

But go check out Smart Link Manager now.

4 comments on Getting Yourself Organized

  1. Profit Addiction
    May 20, 2010 at 10:31 am (3660 days ago)

    The other type is the lazy “thinking and hoping about doing work but not really doing work”

    When you fall into that mindset, bad things happen!

  2. Miles Baker
    May 20, 2010 at 11:39 am (3660 days ago)

    Hey Andrew,

    Here’s a few things I use/do to stay organized. Basically, I just do what my iPhone tells me, it’s like my personal assistant.

    1.) I use Google Calendar, I then set up SMS text message reminders for anything that isn’t my daily routine, such as a massage, doctor appt., meetings, conference calls, etc. I set one for 5min. to 1 hour before and 1 day before usually, sometimes if it’s a long way out, I’ll also set a reminder for a week before, that way it’s in my head. These text messages have become invaluable.

    2.) I use Remember the Milk for well, remembering to get my milk out of my milk box. LOL I use it for anything that is recurring such as replacing my furnace filter, taking out the trash Sunday night, etc. I have the iPhone app version. I don’t use it for much else, just the recurring reminders that aren’t really “events” that I’m putting on Google Calendar.

    3.) I have a todo list software, I use two of them, one for anything I think I need to do, it’s called Swift Todo and I like it because I can add links, files, or detailed notes, it’s kind of my master todo list, then the other one is a light program that I use to organize my day, it’s called Codo. I ALWAYS have it open, and if I think of something I need to do I just type it into there and then organize it later.

    4.) I use Jott for iphone. This allows me to record anything I need to remember, converts it to a text message, and sends it to my computer. Then I can add it to my todo list or calendar later. This is perfect for when I’m on the go or driving and need remember to do something important or have another one of my genius ideas. ;)

    5.) The last tip I have is I keep my desk area completely clean and try to focus on only one task at a time which is a challenge, but when I can do it I’m most productive I find.

    There you go. Consider this comment a hybrid guest post. ;-)

    P.S. You also have 2 ‘subscribe to comments via email’ checkboxes in your comment form.

  3. andrew wee
    May 20, 2010 at 12:58 pm (3660 days ago)

    @Miles – thanks for the tips.
    I included remember the milk in there, cos i remember you mentioned it about 2 years back. (yes, it has been that long).

    Thanks for your contributed guest post via the comments.
    It’s always welcome.

    The clean desk thing is something I’m struggling with. Is there a book I can buy?

    Re: 2 email subscribe to comments – redundancy seems to improve conversion rates….

  4. andrew wee
    May 20, 2010 at 1:00 pm (3660 days ago)

    Thanks, I missed that.

    The psychologists call it “structured procrastination” I think.

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