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Jimmy D Brown’s Imfoproducts package – product review

Back in the day where I used to buy a lot of ebooks, I would be disappointed when a $97 ebook contained just 20 pages. Making each page worth $5? The problem is that it probably could have been condensed into a couple of paragraphs.

And when the books were good, they usually offered a “trick” of some sort, usually a loophole that Google, Squidoo, YouTube had left open.

Depending on when you bought the ebook and how fast you took action, your mileage on being able to generate earnings from the technique would range from a week to a few months.

And that is for the good ebooks. The bad ones would just suck, and some newly-published ones would cover techniques that had died the previous year.

Buying this stuff left a bad taste in my mouth, so I quit the “make quick money online” niche for some time (About 2010).

What I decided to do was focus on training that created long-term, sustainable income. It helps me build out several products and sites that continue to generate regular monthly income. Note that the level of earnings is usually lower than something geared towards making quick cash. But if you factor that I’m making that amount or more month-after-month, rather than seeing good earnings for a few weeks/months then seeing a “quick cash” campaign die, it’s not too difficult to make the decision to focus on the steady income stuff.

Which is why I’m happy with promoting and still recommend training resources/sites with a longer term focus.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve liked the training provided by Internet marketer Jimmy D Brown.

I bought one of his training programs which helped me to plan, launch and operate a subscription-based site which generated a steady monthly income and it continued to grow as I applied his step-by-step techniques to generate new signups. What I especially liked about it was that he provided easy-to-follow instructions, so that even if you were new to a traffic source or script, it’d be an easy process.

I sold off the site as I went on to do more consulting and affiliate management work in recent times. With young kids and focusing 100% on the consulting business, I didn’t want to do a half-ass job on the membership site.

It was kinda in synchronicity with what Jimmy was doing in real life too, as he took a hiatus and on October 2012, he posted “I’m starting on a journey that will hopefully culminate in raising over a million dollars for needy orphans in Reynosa, Mexico”.

He later moved to Omaha, Nebraska, to serve full-time in ministry at Redeemer Church and mentioned last month “I’ve been there almost two years now and am loving every bit of it!”

Now back “part-time” in Internet marketing, Jimmy is getting back into the Internet marketing game and re-launching his products. One of the first products is his “Imfoproducts package”.


Looking at the salesletter, it sounds like a bargain. At $20, it’s at a 95% discount off their value.

I went ahead and bought it and here’s a review of the products to help you decide about getting it.

The reports are in PDF format, which means you can access it on your desktop/laptop or tablet or phone.

I’m reviewing the products in the order it appears on his sales page.


Report #1: “More Orders on Autopilot” (20 pages)

He shares emailing strategies and provides formats which you can customize to your vertical/niche. When you’re using an integrated and systematic approach, using the principles that Jimmy shares, you’re more likely to see the results you’re shooting for.


Report #2: “Productimity Lost Issues” (2 issues) (Single 47-page report)

The strange name aside, it’s a product to improve your personal and business productivity. He goes into what your might be experience in your personal and business life now, how you should deal with these sticking points, then gives you a series of strategies to unblock the stuff holding you back with specific examples.


Report #3: “Traffic that Pays for Itself” (35 pages)

Guides you step-by-step from planning a campaign, putting the marketing bits together, setting up the paid traffic element (even if you’re a paid traffic noob), launching, optimizing the traffic campaign and monetizing the backend. If you’re following this detailed guide, you’d easily make many times what you paid for the whole package.


Report #4: “Big Ticket in 24 Hours” (18 pages)

No-nonsense guide to launching a big ticket online business within a day. Gives samples you can follow.


Report #5: “More Buyers at your Site” (25 pages)

How to use content marketing strategies to generated pre-qualified leads to your offer (physical or virtual). Gives multiple angles so you have many different ways to promote a product and lengthen the longevity and also find opportunities to reboot and relaunch the campaign.


Report #6: “Secret to Great Ebooks” (24 pages)

How to beef up the quality of information-based products like reports, courses. This’ll help improve conversion rates, lower refund rates and increase retention rates.


Report #7: “Free Social Media Promos” (18 pages)

If you’re only posting content on social networks, you’re missing out on marketing opportunities that they also give you. Goes into how you can use various networks’ built-in functions as well as third-party service providers which can boost the reach of a new or existing social media campaign.


Report #8: “Blogging Course PLR”

Blogging package which contains blogging-related course material, marketing creatives, salesletter. Probably about 50 pages of material.


Report #9: “Two Additional Report” (37 pages each)

Since these are not named on the salesletter, I won’t break the silence either.

They are each 37 pages. One of them is geared towards newer marketers, or experienced marketers who are starting new online projects. The other report is geared towards intermediate to advanced marketers and is like a detailed project management plan to launch an online business with recurring income.


Report #10: “IM Report membership site” (13 reports)

Issue #1: How To Get Your First Affiliate Sale In The Next 7 Days (26 pages)

Issue #2: The Simple Way To Build A Long-Term Affiliate Business (20 pages)

Issue #3: 27 Ways To Promote Affiliate Programs At Your Blog (38 pages)

Issue #4: 3 Ways To Turn Ezine Articles Into Autopilot Income Streams (23 pages)

Issue #5: How To Write A Solo Mailing That Gets Attention And Results (26 pages)

Issue #6: How To I.M.P.R.O.V.E. Your Information Writing (28 pages)

Issue #7: How To Make Money Offline In Your Hometown (21 pages)

Issue #8: 101 Ways To Build Your Business With Business Cards (22 pages)

Issue #9: How To Create Your Own Mini-Membership Site (24 pages)

Issue #10: How To Get Fresh Site Visitors Without Buying Ads (23 pages)

Issue #11: 8 Ways To Get Top Affiliates To Promote Your Offer (18 pages)

Issue #12: How To Promote Your Offer With Free Webinars (23 pages)

Issue #13: (Bonus) How To Get Your Customers To Spend More Money (20 pages))


I don’t mean for this review to go to 2,000 words, so here’s an overview about these reports.

They cover the basics of building an online business, from creating email opt-in pages, landing pages, how to encourage return/multiple visits to your sites, incorporating multiple marketing channels to increase user stickiness.


Is the package worth it?

Let’s face it, if a product is no good, paying even $1 for it would be too much.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case here. The Imfoproducts package is packed with solid info that both new and experienced Internet marketers can benefit from.

If you’ve been in Internet marketing for a couple of years, you would be familiar with these topics. What Jimmy does well is cite case studies, so even if you’re already doing the stuff he covers, you might pick up a couple of tips or additional strategies to incorporate into your current campaigns.

If you’re new to this, I would encourage you to focus on one of the reports and working it through from start-to-finish and measuring the results you get. Once you had a handle on how a technique works and how you can get more mileage out of it, then move on to the next report.

The most important element out of all of this is to take consistent action. If you’re only doing one or two steps of the process, you probably won’t see the results you would compared to following through.

It’s a system, so you need to follow it from start to finish to get the results you are shooting for.


Tip: Jimmy gives you multiple samples and case studies you can follow in the material. I would not try to copy/clone the same products and campaigns he’s doing because you will probably not learn as much as doing it yourself and going through the research and brainstorming process he guides you through. If you’re just copying his examples, you will very likely crash and burn at some point and not be able to troubleshoot your way out.


The biggest takeaway you will get is learning a system and framework you can follow and use to see long-term, sustainable and more importantly, profitable results.


You can check out the Imfoproducts package here.

(Note that he mentioned it’s a time-limited offer).

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