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The Accidental Domaineer And Laying The Groundwork for 2009

Talk to any marketer and chances are that they’ll have a stash of domain names for projects that may likely never materialize. Talk to the enthusiastic ones and they might have a couple of hundred domains registered at their domain name registrar.

domain name

I’ve just renewed another 7 of my current ones for another year at Namecheap, using the coupon code  GOLDDEAL (good for renewals if you have more than 50 domains) which saves you a little under $1 in registration costs.

And I’ve picked up a new one using the Namecheap December 2008 coupon code THREEKINGS, saving about $1 too.

(If you’re looking for great value webhosting, check out Bluehost, which was my first shared webhosting account and I still keep it around, even though I have a dedicated server now).

The next step is to start planning and scheduling time for doing something with the domains. A couple of the partners I’m working with are going into a consolidation phase and weeding down the number of projects each person is working on – no more than 2 major projects – which will go a long way to maintain focus. It’s a great idea in my opinion.

1 comment on The Accidental Domaineer And Laying The Groundwork for 2009

  1. ms danielle
    January 10, 2009 at 12:45 pm (10 years ago)

    thanks, i might use those codes. i currently buy all my domains thru namecheap too. but i use imountain.com for my hosting. i’ve bought a lot of domains that i’ve never used, but wanted to. i actually let one lapse and went back later and it got scooped up. d’oh! oh well…

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