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Using Emotions to close your Internet Marketing Transations

Rational and Emotional Appeals

We’ll skip the intellectual appeals because this should be second nature.
More than 90% of sales appeals are geared towards giving the product’s factual features or benefits.
Most of the time this doesn’t work.
Consider using emotional appeals instead.

Emotional Hotspots
Emotional Hotspots are a prospect’s sensitive areas. Their Achilles’ heel, so to speak.

  If triggered, these hotspots will leave the prospect defenseless.
If you drive a prospect’s emotional hotspots and you are successful, they’d be powerless and usually buy the product or service.

Let’s look at some practical applications.
Interweaved in this are elements of features, benefits and needs-based selling.

Rational-based appeal:
“By this MP3 player which comes with 4gigabytes of storage space, latest communication technology USB and bluetooth connectivity.High capacity NiMH battery with 5000 mAh capacity. Use the EzTunes software to transfer files.”

Emotional-based appeal:
“Enjoy hundreds of hours of your favourite music and enjoy your favourite tunes on the move. Supreme portability and convenience as you wirelessly transfer music to and from your desktop.”

Emotional appeal can target higher level values like comfort, luxury, prestige.
You are more likely to get a consensus when you focus on the macro perspective (it will improve your quality of life), rather than the micro (“what’s the battery life like?”)

As you get the prospect more involved in your presentation, you’ll be able to direct the flow of the transaction and they will follow your lead.

Poll the prospect
By asking the prospect the attributes that they’re looking for (reliablity, effectiveness, durability) you can continually emphasize those attributes.

Appeal to emotional attributes
For a customer who’s interested in durability, they would particularly keen if they find out your product is designed and engineered to provide ten years of trouble-free service.

For a customer who’s interested in effectiveness, an analysis showing that it’s more powerful than competitive products would help address their needs.

Emotions can be a double-edged sword.
As you probe the prospect’s emotional responses, you will also discover their points of sensitivity.
This will help you refine your approach to enhance the chances of success.

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