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How to get motivated to get your Internet Marketing millions

There’s nothing that beats the sensation of getting your first Internet Marketing paycheck.

Whether it’s from Google or from affiliate marketing, you can’t help experiencing that top of the world feeling.

You’re invincible.

You’re 10 feet tall.

Your bank account looks set to ballooon into the stratosphere.


But wait…

What’s going to happen next month?

Will you be able to repeat your feat?

Was that just a one shot wonder?

What if. What if.

A sense of doubt may creep in.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that planning can reduce a lot of this unnecessary stress.

Many times we put ourselves under undue stress.

Some may feel that the previous month was a fluke.

It’s just a flash in the pan.

Some might even start making alternative plans ‘just in case Internet Marketing doesn’t work out’

Freeze a second.

Is all this really necessary?

You can control the adsense and affiliate marketing market just as much as you can control the weather.

Not too good a feeling is it?

But consider instead, there is something you can control.

It’s even better than being able to control the market.

You can control yourself and you think and feel about a certain situation.

Look at this:

Is your locus of control:

  • Within yourself?
  • Outside of yourself?

I know a ‘locus of control’ is not a tangible object, however, where you see it located is very important.If you feel control is something outside of yourself, you’ll be setting yourself up for lots of frustration, especially when an adsense or afiliate marketing campaign doesn’t turn you like you had ancticipated.

Too many people choose to let themselves be controlled, rather than actively choosing to control destiny.

How does an internal locus of control manifest itself?

This is my take:

  • You set goals.
  • You develop a concrete plan of action
  • You take action

What’s even more important is what happens after you take action.

Do you actively analyze your results?

Do you think through how you can get better results the next time round?

And when the chips are down.

Do you decide it’s a lost cause and drop everything?

Or do you decide that enough’s enough and you take concrete action?

The difference is whether you are content to let life do with you what it will, or will you actively shape your own reality.

Easier said than done, but if you are able to:

  • Visualize the outcome you desire
  • Develop the action steps you will take
  • Take action
  • Examine your results
  • Take corrective action

You will only end up faster, stronger and more effective in whatever you do.

2 comments on How to get motivated to get your Internet Marketing millions

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    June 10, 2009 at 9:10 pm (4241 days ago)

    Hi andrew,
    this is an interesting post,i was having that same problem of keeping myself motivated,but i learnt that having a clear picture of achieving your goals is crucial to your success in anything,i started focusing on my goals and now everything has changed and money is rolling in!
    All the best and cheers.

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