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How to build long-term online income

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Above: Some weird stuff may have happened with the video-audio synch. Either that or I should stop lipsynching.


As I’m coming back to rebuild my online business after about 2 years of neglect, I’m looking at what I have now.

Since shifting webhosting a couple of times to my current SSD cloud VPS hosting, I’ve lost a number of my product sites along the way.

Part of the rebuilding over the next couple of weeks is to have them up again.

If your sites are down, then you won’t be able to get sa (more…)

Where has Andrew Wee been for the past 2 years?

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Hello World!

Yes, I’ve disappeared from my own blog since about late 2012. No, I didn’t quit the industry or start promoting some weird MLM.

So here’s a breakdown of what I’ve been up to.

2011-2012: Neverblue affiliate manager

I had a good experience working with some of the top affiliates in the industry. Seeing how they systematize their business and scale was a good example of how you can build a business which generate fairly consistent results on a long-term basis. During my time as an AM, I was part of a team which travelled to Bangkok, Thailand, to conduct the first Neverblue Interact event. It was so popular we hosted 200 affiliates over two days.

Also, as part of the development effort, I organized an overnight hacka (more…)

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As any Internet marketer or business owner marketing your business online, your website is your lifeblood.

You live or die a virtual death, based on whether your blog or e-commerce store is up and running.

So, your website MUST be up at all times.

Although I had been with Bluehost shared webhosting for about 5 years, I made the choice to switch two years ago.

Much of my decision had to do with the chronic overloading of it’s servers, leading to poor performance as resources were throttled and conserved. If you exceeded 1% CPU usage, it’d be common to see a blue error screen that your site was inaccessible because it had exceeded it’s allocated resources.

So instead of rejoicing that my blog had made the list of top viewed Internet marketing or affiliate marketing blogs, my visitors would instead see the equivalent of a Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Talk about a wasted effort.

It looks like things haven’t changed much. Yesterday, I did some (more…)