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Does blogging still work in 2014?


If you look across the board, it looks like blogs are generally showing lower traffic numbers, compared to about 5 years ago.

Part of it is due to the emergence of micro blogging platforms like Twitter and social media networks like Facebook.

I’m also part of the group that finds it easier to (more…)

Squeeze more ROI from your online campaigns


Whether you own your own product or be an affiliate, the principle of having a sales funnel and optimizing it applies equally to you.

What is a sales funnel?

It’s a process where you introduce your leads (also known as prospects) to your marketing message, with the aim of hitting your conversion goal, either a sale, collecting the prospect’s information or some other action.

Most marketers will aim for a single goal – the sale. If the lead doesn’t buy, then there’s no followup on the action. This can be considered arbitrage, especially if you have a single opportunity to get the sale.

To make arbitrage work, the following factors will help

  1. Buying traffic at a low price
  2. Buying high quality traffic that converts
  3. Getting a high payout for the offer

Note that the above goals are usually mutually exclusive. That means you probably can’t buy high quality traffic at a low price, and you won’t be able to convert low quality traffic for an offer with a high payout. If you are able to find an offer that is brand new and hasn’t been picked up by many affiliates, or if you find a traffic source that few affiliates and marketers are using, you’d have the opportunity to capitalize on the market gap (at least until other affiliates start saturating your market advantage).

For your strategy to work, you’d also need to ensure that you have enough (more…)

Why athletes make the best Internet marketers

Here’s something interesting I’ve noticed.
People who perform regular athletic activity tend to outperform those who don’t.
There might not be a lot of sports professionals in Internet marketing, but the ones who were on a college team or played a sport (including competitive poker) competitively might have an edge.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Discipline: Athletes are used to structured training schedules. College-level swimmers might do a round of training from 5am to 7am, head to classes, then get back into the pool and do a second training session from 4pm to 6pm. This goes on for 5-6 days a week, with a rest day. This is in the midst of having to attend classes too. I remember following this schedule for about a quarter till I dropped out of swimming. The effort-reward didn’t agree with me, especially since the women were regularly swimming faster than me. The discipline factor comes in because training is always a priority, unless you had a serious illness, you’d still continue with training. This same attitude also applies to building an Internet business, especially at the early stages. If you slacken, take a week off or take your eye off the target, you’re likely to crash and burn.


9 essential tools for Internet marketers

So you’re an online jockey – with your own product or service or an affiliate marketer and your lifeblood rests in your Internet connection. When you’re away from the computer and don’t have access to email or Facebook for more than 24 hours, you start suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Chances are you need you need your digital fix.

Here are some tools that can help boost your online business.



Free Images: Formerly known as sxc.hu (Stock Exchange Hungary), the site’s parent company Jupiter Images was acquired by Getty Images and rebranded as “Free Images”. The user experience is largely the same and even though I (more…)

Your Gmail, Dropbox, Twitter accounts are at risk of being hacked


A friend had his Dropbox cloud storage account hacked into a couple of weeks ago and lost a lot of data.

Depending on how actively you use the service, you might have:

  • Marketing plans
  • Financial accounts, business expenses
  • Campaign data
  • Business presentations
  • Logins to various other online services like PayPal, affiliate network logins, business tools

So the idea that someone hacked into your (more…)

How to build a profitable long-term web business

A Singapore Chinese style roast meat food stall was sold for $4 million (about US$3.1 million) last week, about $500,000 than its initial asking price.

The stall, Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint, set up in the 1970s, by Ha Wai Kay, 64, and his wife Betty Kong, 68, is an instutition of sorts in the Paya Lebar area in Eastern Singapore.

They have sold the business, which includes a shophouse unit valued at $2.1 million, to a listed company, Aztech Holdings.

Kay Lee’s owners had set off talk in the food and beverage industry in 2012 when they first (more…)