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The Death of CPA Marketing

One tired refrain heard among some marketers is that because they’re late to the game, all the “good” niches have already been taken. If you believe everything you hear, there’s “little” money left in CPA/Affiliate marketing because the boat has left for ringtones, dating, Acai, payday loans, etc.

Added to that, with Google AdWords Quality Score, the search network is a much harder game to play, compared to before.

While some of these “facts” have some truth to them, your success as an affiliate marketer mirror that of a brick-and-mortar entrepreneur. If every possible restaurant concept has already been created, why bother starting another?

If anything, this question is pretty self-reflective. If life is so hard, why (more…)

Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Jump and the Facts About CPA Marketing

Mike Filsaime and partner Joe Holland have recently launched a new “CPA affiliate network” to mixed reviews. But has it lived up to it’s hype? Let’s take a look.

After reading Ian Fernando’s scathing review last week, I wanted to take a close look at Affiliate Jump for myself.

Filsaime is an experienced internet marketer and has created products like Butterfly Marketing, Viral Friend Generator, 7Figure Income and Affiliate Conspirary. Given that Mike already owns affiliate network PayDotCom (where he’s still president and CEO), why has he launched another “affiliate network” Affiliate Jump?

Besides the obvious make money angle (for Filasaime), the jury is still out on the value the new “network” provides. Here’s my take.

“CPA Affiliate network” – I think the term is used loosely here. For one, there’s a $200 entry fee. Affiliate Jump ranks as one of the few (and possibly only) affiliate networks that requires affiliates to PAY to join.

The real world equivalent might be if you wanted to sell your house, you engage a realtor to market your property. You then CHARGE the realtor for the right to (more…)

Friday Podcast: CPA Offer Promotion Strategies With Josh Todd

Josh ToddFormer affiliate marketer, turned affiliate manager Josh Todd launched his CPA affiliate network,  TriFoxMedia, a couple of months ago and came on the Friday Podcast to share some tips for new and experienced CPA affiliates.

During the call, we talked about:

  • How Todd started his own CPA network
  • His experience in using the HasOffers affiliate network software
  • Strategies for offer selection and promotion for new affiliates
  • How to get accepted by CPA networks
  • A walkthrough of promoting CPA offers via polls

You can check out the podcast below:


HasOffers Affiliate Network Software Product Review

Note: This is a paid product review of the HasOffers affiliate network software.

Owning your own affiliate networks sounds like the perfect gig to many new affiliates – you sign up a couple of merchants/advertisers, find affiliates from blogs and forums, then recruit them, matchmake affiliates to offers and collect the difference. That is, if you can afford the $10,000 or so that it takes to get started on an affiliate tracking platform like DirectTrack.

Unfortunately, things aren’t as simple, especially since there’s a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes than just emailing/calling advertisers/affiliates and signing them up.


And on the affiliate network platform, there’s a new player on the scene, Adapp (which is a sister company of the Tatto Media affiliate network), which has developed an affiliate network tracking software, HasOffers.

HasOffers has 3 tiers of service, from a free solution to an enterprise grade solution costing $799 per month (as of the time of writing).

At least one affiliate I know, Josh Todd, has built his affiliate network, TriFoxMedia, on the HasOffers platform.

HasOffers Service Offers

Here’re the 3 grades of offers:

  • Free

Up to 250,000 Clicks per Month
Free Subdomain (ie: yournetwork.hasoffers.com)
Chat and Email Support
99.5% SLA guaranteed uptime

  • Pro ($99 per month)

Up to 500,000 Clicks per Month
Access to all features within HasOffers
Custom Application Domain (ie: http://www.yournetwork.com)
Custom Tracking Domain (ie: yourtracking.com)
Custom Branded Layout
Chat and Email Support plus 5 Phone Tickets
Data Migration of offers, advertisers and affiliates
99.8% SLA guaranteed system uptime

  • Enterprise ($799 per month)

Unlimited Click Volume
Unlimited Access to all features within HasOffers
Unlimited Chat, Email and Phone Support
Advanced Data Migration of Offers, Advertiser and Affiliates
Custom Application Domain
Custom Tracking Domain
Unlimited Storage Space
Custom Branded Layout by our Graphics Team
Dedicated Server Resources for Increased Performance
Increased Storage Limits
99.8% SLA guaranteed system uptime


Although the 250,000 clicks that the free solution may seem like a lot, you can expect to see your network hit it’s quote pretty quickly, especially if affiliates are promoting offers on social media, PPC, PPV or media buying. A fledgling network with a handful of experienced affiliates would likely hit the clickcap within a week or maybe two.

If you’re new to this, probably the free version is a good option to test drive the platform, and you’ll eventually find yourself upgrading to the professional or enterprise version as your revenue justifies the expenditure.


So what does HasOffers do?

If you’ve used other affiliate management software, you’ll find the Web-based HasOffers to be an easy software to work with. The software has a distinctly lead generation/CPA-slant to it, so if you’re inclined toward CPA affiliate marketing, this could be an ideal solution.

With a couple of mouse clicks, you’ll be able to (more…)

Convert2Media – The Affiliate Network That Cares

…Although it may not be in the way you are thinking.

One of the most frustrating experiences for affiliates is working with affiliate managers who don’t understand the affiliate industry.

With the turnover prevalent among affiliate managers in the industry, it’s not surprising to have an experienced affiliate manager be suddenly replaced by a brand spanking new affiliate manager who’s just a couple of weeks (or sometimes even months) in the job. I can’t vouch for the training that they’re received, although from the looks of things, I get worried when the affiliate rep has no clue what a SubID is, how a Postback function works, or what an “incent site” is.

If you find yourself assigned one of these managers, you could be in pretty big trouble. Especially if they’re nice (or at least trying to be).

You might have an affiliate manager who IMs you at the start of your day to ask how things are going, and maybe even tell you what they did after they got off work yesterday. In their minds they’re being friendly, or even “nice” to you.

It’s likely to be a deathtrap and probably fatal to your income and earnings, because they’re not helping you become a better (and more proftable) affiliate.

Real advice in my book comes in the form of tips or feedback about a feature you might not be aware of, or even recommending third party services that might be able to help you bring your campaigns to a new level.

In my past experience within and outside of internet marketing, the best advice I’ve received are from people who’re willing to give you the uncensored truth (which usually comes with a painful sting attached), but will ultimately help you become a better person (or affiliate).

It’s hard to find someone who epitomizes the approach than Convert2Media’s Ralph “Ruck” Ruckman.


Some will read his postings on the affiliate and internet marketing forums and think he’s a total jerk, who probably ought to keep his trap shut. He’s probably been responsible for (more…)