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WhoIsAndrewWee.com Photos Launched

This has been a long time in coming, but I finally got it up and running.

Introducing the WhoIsAndrewWee.com photos section!

Although we’ll eventually have a links section up, I’m leaning more towards a photo link type section as it’ll help personalize the web (aka PlanetAndrea style!) a little more.

I’ve got some photos from Stuart’s recent Internet Money Secrets seminar up, as well as a photo from Australia-based Web designer Ryan Jackson (visit him at DesignGuruRyan.com) who’s happy with his Robert Allen book.

WhoIsAndrewWee.com photos

Click on image above to go to WhoIsAndrewWee.com Photos


Internet Marketing newbies a nuisance?

After the conclusion of Internet Money Secrets, there’s been a buzz of discussion about what people got out of the event.

I gave the feedback that the sessions by Joel Comm, Ewen Chia, Jo Han Mok, Kelvin Hui, Stuart Tan and Peter Drew provided value.

Some of the strategies could be used as the bedrock of an Internet Marketing campaign.

In fact, Jo Han sharing his strategy in getting testimonials for new products was worth the price of the seminar.

And on the sidelines of the even, I got Ewen to spill the beans on the marketing strategy for Web Advertising Secrets.

Internet Money Secrets speakers

Internet Money Secrets Speakers: Stuart Tan, Joel Comm, Kelvin Hui, Ewen Chia, Peter Drew, Jo Han Mok

Quite a stellar lineup.

And yet there’s been some recent controversy. (more…)

Internet Money Secrets Day 2

Joel CommIt’s a late post today as yesterday was a long day.

But Internet Money Secrets was well worth attending.

First up was Joel Comm, who came in live via video link from Oklahoma.

I like Joel’s approach to creating content.

He strives to create original content, rather than scraped content.

Among the sources he uses:

  • Writing it yourself
  • Outsourcing it
  • Having site visitors create it (blog comments, forums)
  • Using public domain works
  • RSS Feeds
  • Teleseminars and other audio
  • Repurposed material (reusing your old stuff)

Pretty interesting, especially for those of us who’re constantly striving to create original content for our blogs and webposts.

Incidentally, if you didn’t already know, the best performing adsenseunits are the:

  • Large rectangle (336×280)
  • Leaderboard (728×90)

And if you didn’t already know, the best color combination to use for your adsense blocks are:

  • borderless ads (color code #ffffff)
  • blue links (#0000ff)
  • black descriptions (#000000)
  • gray URLs (#666666)

This combination makes for the most readable ad format.
Wow, I just gave out the essense of his seminar.

Well, not quite, because he gave away some other strategies too, about why people fail at adsense and his winning formula.

We had an interesting presentation from the Master Copywriter.


Internet Marketing resources for Internet Money Secrets

During day 1 of the Internet Money Secrets convention, I’ve received a number of enquiries about the tools I am using.

I’ve compiled a short list of some of the tools and resources which would be most appropriate for new and intermediate level Internet Marketers.

You can find it at: my resources page.

Some will naturally ask if it’s possible to achieve the same results using free resources.

It’s definitely possible, though these tools automate and provide you with a number of strategies to shorten the amount of time required and the resources required.

If you value your time and would like to spend more time generating income, rather than fixing up your website, you would get better leverage from investing in some of these tools.

At the very least, getting a copy of SecretBlogWeapon.com will put you far ahead in the game.

Here’s the link again: My Resources page.

Internet Money Secrets Day 1

If you were in Singapore and you didn’t make it to Internet Money Secrets yesterday, boy, did you miss out!

It was a great session with Stuart sharing Search Engine Optimization strategies and Internet Marketing newbies would get a whole bunch of strategies on optimizing and generating traffic for your site. But more on Stuart later.

I was really looking forward to Kelvin Hui’s presentation and he sure overdelivered!

Ambatch.com Kelvin and Piano

Ambatch.com’s Kelvin Hui and Piano Chen

Kelvin gave details of his Ambatch.com community publishing project.

Can you imagine a site which is:

  • Ranked 217 in the Alexa ranking
  • Generating 300,000 visitors a day
  • Generating an obscene of adsense revenue on a monthly basis

I can’t either. And the community project hasn’t been up all that long (only about August!)

You can visit Kelvin’s blog here: Gathering in Singapore

Here’s a great quote from Kelvin:

Every project should be fun. If it’s not funny, then don’t do it.

If it’s fun, then the fund will come along!

Definitely good advice to keep along and his new community project FriendEarth.com is making big strides too.

He’s got an adsense revenue sharing model there and I think it’s worth checking out.

By the way, I don’t think it’s fair to call it a ‘sharing’ model as you keep all adsense revenue generated.

So shouldn’t you be headed over there now?