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Monday Question: Finding Inspiration and Creating Content

In this issue, we tackle the challenge of content creation for niche sites, especially if you’re new to that area.

Reader Rick is developing content for an iPod/iPhone niche site and asks for assistance in creating content for his site, specifically “Where am I going to get relevant content that is of such a nature that Ipod fans would feel it was worth reading about and that they couldn’t just go to Apple’s site themselves to read

It will seem challenging to create content when tackling a new niche, but I see it as an opportunity to learn something new.

As information marketers, we’ll need to continually be receptive to picking up new skills and expanding our repertoire of marketing knowledge.

The surest sign that there’s a ready market for any type of product is to check out if there’s a “For Dummies” guide available.

Spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon in a Borders or Barnes and Nobles and you’ll see that these Dummies guides fly off the shelves. Don’t let the name fool you either because some of the top minds write these books. Dr Ruth authored the “Sex for Dummies” book and sales guru Tom Hopkins wrote a sales-related Dummies title.

Note that although the Dummies guide started out as a help for PC computer “dummies”, it’s since expanded to include “Wine for Dummies”

If you need inspiration (or to do a little research), visit the Dummies website.


So after hitting the main page, where you see that the label has (more…)

Friday Podcast Episode 11: D-Day For The Apple iPhone

It’s Make or Break Time for the Apple iPhone.

Going by news reports, it looks more certain to be “Make” time.

Here are a couple of related offers:

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Friday Podcast Episode 5: Trendspotting

This episode of the Friday podcast focuses on creating podcast content leveraging on industry trends.

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For session notes, click more: (more…)