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Friday Podcast Episode 5: Trendspotting

This episode of the Friday podcast focuses on creating podcast content leveraging on industry trends.

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What is a trend?

  • “Two or more make a trend”
  • Pattern
  • Once-off or Cyclical

Trendspotting Central: Google News

google news

Seeing trends: Trendspotting:

  • Trend blindspots
  • Trendspotting value creation

Exhibit: “Apple ipod trend”

Apple ipod gets the FCC nod

apple ipod fcc nod

Apple hiring iPhone Personal Trainers

apple ipod trainers

Trendspotting benefits:

  • Identify traffic surges
  • Traffic surges = easy to monetize
  • Law of economics = supply and demand
  • Retail/fashion buyers/content publishers live on trends “Fall collection”

Trendspotting ID marks / Trendspotting “Optimization”:

  • Signature keywords / keyphrases
  • Trends.google.com -> trendspot
  • Remember cyclical patterns – Christmas gift/electronics blitz

Exhibit: “Internet Sex Trend”
Google Nude Pic Suit

google sex nude pics

MySpace vs Sex Offenders

myspace sex offenders

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