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Friday Podcast: Traffic And Conversion Strategies With Rachit Dayal

rachit dayalRachit Dayal is a Singapore-based internet marketing consultant who focuses on traffic generation, sales conversion and business growth strategies for entrepreneurs and businesses.

He’s also a Google AdWords Certified Professional and has managed a number of marketing campaigns for businesses going the online route. I invited him on the Friday Podcast and he mentioned a recently client for whom he increased monthly revenue from $2,000 to more than $40,000 mainly through the use of AdWords and Google’s suite of webmaster tools and other resources.

In many cases, Rachit often goes to free resources, even though he subscribes or has bought paid ones.

This’ll be an interesting interview for new and intermediate level marketers, as you’ll discover:

  • How Rachit got started with internet marketing
  • AdWords campaign set up and optimization tips
  • Keyword tools to enhance your PPC campaigns
  • How you can use analytics tools to enhance your profits
  • Rachit’s conversion system including techniques you can use now
  • Alternative uses for Google AdWords for your marketing efforts

Check out the podcast below:


Other resources:

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: An Internet Meme

When it rains, it pours. I got tagged twice today with this meme making the rounds by PlanetAndrea and CasThompson.

Like a game of ‘Pass the Message’ which you play in a big group, depending on who you check out, the meme is known as:

At first look, it seems like Shoemoney and DaveN are on to the right thing. Then again, it could mean that DaveN is good at following formats after being tagged by the Shoemeister.

So this freeform means you have the right to rename the meme (Master Rename Rights so to speak).

Instructions: (Especially for those I’m tagging)

From what I gather, you are supposed to:

  1. Disclose 5 personal things about yourself
  2. Tag another 5 victims friends to pass this labor of love to.

Here’s my (more…)

Blog Predictions 2007 – An Internet Meme

Every week, yet another journalist or online marketer predicts the Death of Blogging. Ironicially, sometimes these ‘predictions’ are made by bloggers.

Far from dying, there’s a resurgence in blogging, judging by the flow of private equity and growth of blog networks.

Just look at the nearly 1,200 submissions for the Round 5 submissions for the 9rules Blog Network or check the stats at the Blog Network List. Darren Rowse’s b5media blog network got a nice chunk of capital funding too.

2007 will see a further evolution of blogging as we know it.

Perhaps ‘blogging’ (a truncation of weblog) may evolve as a term to fully encompass what it represents.

Here’re 4 trends I see this year.

Offline to Online Content

  • Offline to Online Content Migration

Even without Amazon and Google’s efforts to digitize content for the Internet, a multitude of content publishers (more…)

Lessons from the Matrix: Shape Your Reality

This post isn’t about Internet Marketing per se.

At the same time, it’s bigger than Internet Marketing and at the same time, will play a large part in whether you will be a success, a failure, or an Internet Marketing Superstar.

My buddy, Rachit, just pubished a post about his travails as an online entrepreneur. It’s quite a good read. Head over to: A Tough Ending To My First Year As An Entrepreneur

Another buddy of mine, Ryan, faced a similar situation a couple of months ago: Do what you love, love what you do.

All of us will hit stumbling blocks in the course of daily life. Whether it’s in our career, in a relationship or in a business venture.

Anyone can do well when the chips are in their favor.

But (as you’ve read before) a person’s true character manifests itself (more…)

Back from Paradise into the Internet Marketing Thick of Things

The last 5 days has been an interesting time.

Fresh from finishing an intensive two day workshop with Copywriting Guru Jo Han Mok, I went for a 3 day vacation to paradise with the family. (thanks to my buddy Rachit Dayal who helped with my blog housekeeping while I was away)
Indra Mani
Indra Mani Villa, Bintan, Indonesia

We headed out to Indonesia in choppy water, akin to 5G roller coaster ride. (I’d later discovered that Singapore had been subjected to 24 hours of rain and flooding).

The ocean ride was tough. I couldn’t keep my lunch down. Neither it seemed could about 80% of the other passengers.

But we were rewarded with (more…)