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How to Crash-And-Burn Your Branding Blog

Bloggers take note, there’re 2 basic types of blogs:

  • Branding blogs
  • Monetization blogs

Branding blogs: Build either your personal brand or a product/service brand. An example of this could be high-end gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer’s blog or this blog which focuses on blogging, affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

On the other hand, you have “Monetization blogs” which are intended to generate income. The blogs can serve either as traffic generation tools to push visitors to a site, or sell products or services themselves. Product review blogs designed to close transactions fall into this category.

Monetization blogs also include blogs created solely to monetize Google’s Adsense contextual advertising program. Such blogs feature prominent locations for adsense advertising blocks, or other advertising networks like Yahoo Search Marketing or Adbrite’s ad blocks.

You can recognize (more…)

A Lifetime of Razer Products Giveaway

US-based gaming peripheral developer Razer is at it again.

They’ve just launched a giveaway for a “lifetime” of Razer products.

I’m using a Razer Copperhead laser mouse and a Razer eXactmat X control mouse mat and it makes my work much easier.

I’d kill for a Razer Tarantula keyboard (note to Razer if you’re reading this…).

Razer Lifetime

Here’s some points you might want to note regarding the promo: (more…)

Want to Lead the Internet Marketing Vanguard?

Three industries have traditionally led early adopters for technology. The adult industry, the gaming industry (aka gambling) and the computer gaming industry.

For example, a large portion of the VCRs (video cassette recorders) success was due in part to the release of adult movies on VHS tape, freeing people from having to go to ‘adult theatres’.

Gaming companies are one of the biggest users of email marketing.

Likewise, high end gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer is leading the charge in it’s online communication efforts. (more…)

Pro Game Gear Manufacturer Razer scores coup, lands deal with Microsoft Corp

Razer HabuCounterstrike, Painkiller, Battlefield 2, Half-Life, Quake, Guild Wars fans rejoice!

High-end gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer USA Ltd just announced today at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, a joint effort with Microsoft Hardware to design and develop next-generation computer gaming peripherals.

This is a major coup for Razer, long a cult hit for professional gamers who choose Razer’s high-end gaming peripherals. Razer has taken the leading in sponsoring several professional gaming tournaments in the Republic.
They’ve jointly introduced a new gaming mouse, the Microsoft Habu.

“We are thrilled to partner with Microsoft to combine form and function in order to deliver the best gaming products possible,” said Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president of Razer. “The Hardware Group stands out when it comes to comfort and design — and when we combine that with our years of experience in gaming power and precision, we will truly elevate the quality and overall gaming experience for our customers.”

“By partnering with Razer, we are building on our own legacy of developing innovative hardware solutions while taking advantage of Razer’s expertise in providing smart technology that elevates the PC gaming experience,” said Bill Jukes, product marketing manager for Microsoft Hardware at Microsoft. “We believe that Microsoft Habu specifically addresses the demands of today’s PC gamers, and its versatility, comfort and performance will benefit gamers of every genre.”

For more information, check out Razerguy’s blog: Razerguy on Form Meets Function

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