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A Lifetime of Razer Products Giveaway

US-based gaming peripheral developer Razer is at it again.

They’ve just launched a giveaway for a “lifetime” of Razer products.

I’m using a Razer Copperhead laser mouse and a Razer eXactmat X control mouse mat and it makes my work much easier.

I’d kill for a Razer Tarantula keyboard (note to Razer if you’re reading this…).

Razer Lifetime

Here’s some points you might want to note regarding the promo:From Razer’s Terms and Conditions page:
a. The Prize in the Contest is products from Razer as defined herein (“Razer Products”) which will be given to the Winner for the duration of his lifetime as defined herein (the “Lifetime”). For purposes of interpreting the Prize in the Contest, the following terms shall bear the following definitions:-

i. “Razer Products” shall mean any mouse, keyboard, headphones or sound cards made and developed solely by Razer and be subject to the following provisions:-
(1) Razer Products shall refer to products from Razer available for sale at retail outlets currently and in future. It shall not include products from Razer that have been discontinued by Razer or are no longer available for sale at retail outlets.
(2) Razer Products shall exclude any product that is made or developed jointly by Razer and any other party.
(3) Razer Products shall exclude any one product that has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$200.00 and above.
(4) Razer Products shall only include products from Razer that are classified as “gaming” related by Razer and excludes any product that is not classified as “gaming” related such as without limitation Razer Pro|Solutions and Razer gear, such as t-shirts or other collaterals.

(5) Razer Products shall only refer to one (1) quantity of each product from Razer that qualifies as Razer Products.
ii. “Lifetime” shall mean a period of 10 years starting from [January 15th, 2007] and will end on [January 14th, 2017].
b. The shipping and handling of the Razer Products to the Winner will be at Razer’s cost.
c. In the event that there is any dispute relating to whether a product qualifies as a Razer Product and the duration of Lifetime for purposes of the Contest, Razer’s decision in these regards will be final, conclusive and binding.

Bottomline: The Microsoft Habu gaming mouse (developed in conjunction with Microsoft) is excluded from the bundle, though I don’t think it’s a great loss.

Here’s the link: Win a Lifetime of Razer Products

2 comments on A Lifetime of Razer Products Giveaway

  1. John Tan
    December 13, 2006 at 10:55 pm (5071 days ago)

    Hi Andrew,

    I shall go and sign up for the lifetime of Razar Products. Thanks Andrew.

  2. Sok Khann
    January 31, 2008 at 3:03 am (4658 days ago)

    Yo wheres my razer?

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