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Survivor, Big Brother And The Social Dynamics Of Twitter

I’d been talking to Software Project’s Mike Peters about the value of social media tools like Twitter and how much value they add to your internet business, and he came up with some interesting analogies.

In the “chatterspace” of micro-blogging platforms like twitter, it’s not uncommon to see posts like “Feeling hungry. Going to get a burger” or “Just picked a bunch of lint from my belly button. Yuck!”. The question is, does this help or hurt your brand?

Mike alluded platforms like Twitter to the reality show “Big Brother” where “voting is done by people at home, people at home typically vote out all those who don’t say much, don’t swear, don’t take enemies etc. Those type of people typically end up being the first to leave”

As the current situation stands, the rabble rousers sometimes do end up with the most number of twitter followers by virtue of (more…)

Friday Podcast: Business Building Tips From Mike Peters

mike petersI met Mike Peters in person at Affiliate Summit West last year, having talked to him a number of times before that.

With a colorful lifetime of experience, Mike:

  • Was born and raised in Israel
  • Started his first company at 14
  • Made more money than his dad at 15
  • Dropped out of school at 16
  • Said no to Microsoft’s offer of a 6-figure income job because he wanted to run his own businesses
  • Started 4 companies, closed them down or had them fail, accumulated $150,000 in credit card debt before hitting it big

And now serves as Florida General Manager for Software Projects, a full service internet marketing and web development firm.

In our discussion, we talked about:

  • How you can get started on planning and building your internet business
  • How you can effectively deal with challenges and failure in your business
  • Lessons Mike learned, especially with raising $6 million in funding for one of his businesses which ultimately failed
  • Which billionaire business owner Mike recommends as a role model to learn from
  • The truth and reality checks about owning your own business

Check out the Friday Podcast: