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Ranking For Your Name In Google = Money In The Pocket

Most information marketers might focus on developing a strong product, or a sales page with high conversion rates, but it pays to rank at the top of the search engine results for your name and/or your company name, even if you don’t give a flying H1, H2 or META about Search Engine Optimization.

Witness the case of musician “AM”, who gave up his given name and goes by his initials and has been lost in the search engine results pages. (Wall Street Journal “You’re Nobody Unless Your Name Google Well“)

AM probably has lost countless sales due to fans landing on the pages of AM radio stations or American Greetings Corp (stock ticker: AM). Appearing on page 20 of the search results could spell online death.

You could counter this in a number of ways.

Increase your search engine (more…)

WhoIsAndrewWee.com Becomes WebProNews Content Provider

A couple of weeks ago, I received and accepted an invite to be a blog partner for WebProNews and ientry content network.

What this means is content from this blog may be syndicated through WebProNews, or through the ientry content network, namely:

It’s a pleasure to be listed among the company of other ientry bloggers, such as:

and numerous other first rate bloggers.

When I first started blogging in July 2006, my intent has always been to (more…)

Does Onsite Event Blogging Provide Any Value? And Nicole Eggers Video Broadcasts

Sleepyblogger Robyn Tippins questions whether live blogging at the sidelines of an event has much value (Liveblogging Of Any Value To Those Not There?)

I can identify with her sentiment that: “I’m wondering (aloud I suppose) if I’m the only one who finds the typical disjointed, rambling liveblogging posts are of any real value to offsite readers?

Here’s my take:

It’s nothing to do with whether the blogging is live or not.

It has everything to do with your content and your presentation.

As an example, look at presenter Nicole Eggers on WebProNews.

webpronews nicole eggers

Nicole Egger, WebProNews video news update presenter

Besides being very easy on the eyes, Nicole presents WebProNews updates throughout the day.

What makes readers continue to come back is the amount of useful information they get within the 2-4 minute video broadcasts.

No medium is perfect however, (more…)