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The “Is Blogging Dead” Meme and Other Navel-Gazing Nonsense

It seems like it’s becoming an annual tradition for a blogger or reporter on a slow news day to observe that a trend of “a-lister” bloggers are retiring from the blogging scene and one of the informal golden rules in reporting is:

  • If it happens once, it’s an accident.
  • If it happens twice, it’s a coincidence.
  • If it happens three times, you have a “trend” story on your hands.

So 3 prominent bloggers quitting the scene within a period of 1-2 years = trend?

The one thing about the “golden rule” was that it generally applied to the brick-and-mortar context, not as much when you’re talking about 3 or more bloggers out of the hundreds of millions of blogs out there.

Statistically, even 100 top bloggers out of a universe of 100 million blogs would be 1 / 1,000,000. In decimal points that would be 0.000001% of the blogging population.

is blogging dead

So wondering if “blogging is dead” is akin to wondering if fixed-line telephones are dead or if the fax machine is dead. Nice linkbait, but I don’t think there’s much substance or value to that argument.

Jason Lee Miller notes in his WebProNews piece that fame (or the price of it) might be the cause of (more…)

Twitter Metrics Are A Complete Waste Of Time

I had a twitter conversation with TopRank Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden about the launch of WebProNews’ new Twitter directory/indexing service Twellow.com.


Great things about Twellow:

  • Categorizes twitter streams by vertical/niche, eg: automotive, movies, blogging, news
  • Groups related twitterers together

It’s offset by one major flaw, which unfortunately is tied to Twitter’s current state of development – analytics don’t mean much more than a brute force “followers” number.

The higher the number of followers, the higher you’ll rank in the results, with the net effect that Robert Scoble is ranked first with 28,000 followers, followed by Jake Marsh with 12,000, in the blogging category.

The results are limited by the enrollment of your twitter feed into the system for benchmarking and indexing.

But I’m having serious doubts about using followers as the determining criteria.

Could social networks be (more…)

When’s The Internet Going From 2.0 To 2-Way Media?

Here’s an interesting item from WebProNews, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (or is it Prince now that the copyright hold on his name has been dropped…) is trying to take action against the big kahuna of file sharing Bittorrent sites – The Pirate Bay, Youtube and eBay over alleged copyright infringement of his name and intellectual property.

Somewhat ironic considering he had a promo with a British Sunday newspaper to give away copies of his “Planet Earth” CD free with a particular edition.

Already the Prince video clips are going up faster than older ones are being taken down at Youtube. Is this really a battle worth fighting for?

When products were physical – in the form of a CD, DVD, book, manual – it was easier to maintain copyright. When Prince distributes his CD free with the UK paper, were the CDs imprinted with “Promotional CD – Not for Sale”? Did they say “Resale Rights granted”?

And if you give away media and content free in one channel, how do you enforce pricing in another channel, whether it’s a iTunes store or in a CD store?

The moment something can be digitized, whether it’s an MP3, PDF, DOC, JPG or other digital media file, you can have legislature like the DMCA (digital millenium copyright act) and DRM (digital rights management) infrastructure in place. You can even password protect your files, but eventually these protective measures will be overcome.


Don’t get me wrong, because (more…)

Affliate Summit East Wrap-Up

Shawn Collins’ and Missy Ward’s Affiliate Summit East has wrapped up in Miami and it has provided some buzz, even from where I’m at halfway around the world.

If you didn’t make it down, Shawn has posted a listing of WebProNews’ video coverage of the event.

Jim Kukral seems to have been holed up in the Blogging Room the entire event and has posted quite a bit of content. Pity I wasn’t down there, else I’d have visited him once or twice (For real this time, Jim…)

He did post this marvel of a pic though:missy ward and stephanie internet girl geek

Missy Ward and Internet Girl Geek Stephanie [Let me emphasize that's it's SIMULATED]

Shawn has also blogged about ASE:

5Star Affiliate Linda Buquet has linked to the Affiliate Summit East blog posts. [Incidentally I won 5Star's "Blog Buzz" prize a week back. Thanks Linda!].

Shoemoney has posted his reflections on Affiliate Summit East and has a number of interesting photos in his photo gallery.

Super Affiliate Zac Johnson, who spoke at ASE, has posted (more…)

Building A Niche Community To Better Monetize Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

Most PPC Marketers would probably send traffic direct to the Affiliate Marketing/CPA (cost per acquistion/action) offers landing page. But here’s an idea, build a niche community, like the folks at newly launched Boomj.com are doing.

You might’ve received a notification about the site targeting Baby Boomers and “Generation Joneses” last week.


It appears to be a fairly “mass” campaign, rather than a targeted one because I’m clearly a “Gen Xer” (born between 1965-79).

Although guys like Shoemoney, PepperJam’s Kris Jones, Gauher Chaudhry and Amit Mehta do really well with PPC traffic to CPA offers, I’m thinking that building a dedicated niche community helps you get better leverage out of your lead generation efforts.

With Gauher’s background in information marketing, I’m sure he’s one of the frontrunners in putting this process into action.

This requires a paradigm shift, from going beyond just a product-based focus to (more…)

Bright $4.3B Future For User-Generated Online Content

The results are in and analyst projections of U.S. user- generated content sites earning $1 billion in 2007 and hitting $4.3 billion in ad revenues in 2011, pose a bright prospects for the future. Leading the charge? Likely video-based content sites.

The projections coming from eMarketer Senior Analyst and the author of “User-Generated Content: Will Web 2.0 Pay Its Way?” Paul Verna.

Paul projects that YouTube, MySpace and Facebook will led the content change.

Another projection: “On a global basis, user- generated content ad revenues will increase from $1.6 billion in 2007 to $8.2 billion in 2011.”

Which has pundits reinforcing the “It’s about the content, stupid” mantra.

Arrayed against this are Asia-based telcos railing against Web 2.0 applications choking up the submarine cable bandwidth. [Has Web2.0 Broken The Internet?]

If the bandwidth bottleneck doesn’t get resolved soon, it’ll turn out to be (more…)