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Does Onsite Event Blogging Provide Any Value? And Nicole Eggers Video Broadcasts

Sleepyblogger Robyn Tippins questions whether live blogging at the sidelines of an event has much value (Liveblogging Of Any Value To Those Not There?)

I can identify with her sentiment that: “I’m wondering (aloud I suppose) if I’m the only one who finds the typical disjointed, rambling liveblogging posts are of any real value to offsite readers?

Here’s my take:

It’s nothing to do with whether the blogging is live or not.

It has everything to do with your content and your presentation.

As an example, look at presenter Nicole Eggers on WebProNews.

webpronews nicole eggers

Nicole Egger, WebProNews video news update presenter

Besides being very easy on the eyes, Nicole presents WebProNews updates throughout the day.

What makes readers continue to come back is the amount of useful information they get within the 2-4 minute video broadcasts.

No medium is perfect however, and when Nicole first presented in early February, she received negative feedback for her Southern Drawl (She’s from Kentucky). [Alister Cameron's noted when she first started presenting early this year "Yahoo has high hopes for Panama" and posted "WPN’s Nicole Eggers is gorgeous. Pity she can’t speak properly". See Nicole's replies].

So how do these two seemingly disparate topics (Robyn’s qualms about LiveBlogging and WPN’s Nicole Eggers video broadcasts) match up?

The key is this: Content.

It’s a constant refrain. but Content is King. (and Queen, and the Prince, and the Princess too).

If you have tried live blogging and it’s fallen flat on it’s face, it likely had to do with the two factors: content and presentation.

Rambling blog posts frequently point to a lack of organization, or an overly emotional, rather than an intellectual approach when presenting information.

To contrast the two approaches, the emotional approach could be something along the lines of:

  • I am at SES New York
  • I met lots of friends here and made loads more
  • I am having fun

It would not be as informative as say:

  • I am at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas
  • I met Shoemoney who whispered that hosting pages at ____ website can significantly boost your Google quality score and bring you easy $0.05 clicks
  • I met PepperJams’ Kris Jones and he mentioned that the factors in almost all successful affiliate marketing campaigns lie in your ability to ___ and ____. And for the best payouts and highest conversions, the offers at ____ affiliate network are second to none.

See the difference?

In the case of WebProNews (WPN), content and your presentation are key again.

Readers who read this post and head over to check out Nicole’s broadcast today [Judge Rejects Webcasters Appeals] will notice that she’s neutralized her Southern accent a little. (and I didn’t think it was necessarily fair to come down so hard on her when she first appeared. Compare the quality of your own blog posts now, compared to when you first started blogging).

Will you continue visiting the WPN or continue live blogging as Robyn mentions?

There’s no question actually, quality content will always win.

8 comments on Does Onsite Event Blogging Provide Any Value? And Nicole Eggers Video Broadcasts

  1. James
    April 19, 2007 at 9:01 pm (4934 days ago)

    I think it comes down to whether or not the information you provide is useful. There are some marketers that think just keeping in touch with a prospect is good no matter what the content. I do not think that is exactly true online.
    Like you said, content is king. Online, it takes time to open an email an read it. Go to a blog and read it. If you are not treating the reader’s time with value, you are doing a disservice and they are going to stop listening to you.

  2. Robyn Tippins
    April 20, 2007 at 1:38 am (4934 days ago)

    I find it so difficult to live-blog a session and actually pay attention to the speaker. Some are better at this I think.

  3. Andrew Wee
    April 20, 2007 at 6:05 am (4934 days ago)

    Great feedback.
    Let me blog on this.

  4. Greg
    April 23, 2007 at 11:14 am (4930 days ago)

    Wpn is great, they are doing something very new, i love it.

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