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WordPress Ronan released

This has been an interesting week for WordPress.

In addition to announcing the release of WordPress MU (multi user) 1.0 (the software/platform that hosts numerous blogs at WordPress.com) and bbPress (the tag-based forum software), they’ve just announced the launch of WordPress 2.0.5 earlier today.

According to the post: WordPress 2.0.5 Ronan released

This latest incarnation contains about 50 bug fixes.

Despite what some might say, I believe that WordPress is a superior blogging platform, compared to others.

Two factors ring in it’s favor.

  • For on-site optimization, the software’s RSS and SEO-friendly features are incomparable.
  • Also the open-source nature of the software and the numerous plugins available enable you to configure it like a static website, an online magazine, or as an e-commerce storefront.

It’s the Swiss Army Knife of blogging platforms in my opinion.

Which is why I’ve built the DigitalKeiretsu community centered around WordPress with SecretBlogWeapon and SecretWebHostingWeapon playing strong support roles.

Onward, Income Blogging!

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