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PPV Case Study – Analyzing Stats, Expanding Campaign + Interview with PPV Playbook’s David Ford

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It might not have been a good idea to go with 50 URL targets for a newer PPV network like Direct CPV (use code BR25 to get a free $25 ad credit). Still it’s worth a test, especially since I hadn’t bought traffic from there before.

[Note: check out the first post in this PPV case study series at: PPV case study kicks off]

So the next step was to scrape more related URL targets and load them into my PPV campaign. My URL targets were in pending status when I submitted them and were approved a couple of hours later. That’s one change you need to get used to, especially if you’re used to the algorithmic review with campaigns going live within 15 minutes that you’d experience with Google AdWords.

Now we’re at 6,090 URL targets and impressions have started clocking. I’m leaving everything at the default $0.01 bid for a day, and likely moving bids up to the $0.02 or $0.03 range if it looks like a decent URL. At this point, I haven’t reviewed every URL I’ve submitted, because I’ll let the system do the testing for me.

Besides Google’s organic results for the keywords and the keyword research tools, analytics sites (Compete, Quantcast), reading FAQs or Wiki entries related to your niche will trigger off more keyword ideas.

Also, take note that the style I’m running this campaign, it doesn’t make sense to login every couple of hours. I’d rather let the campaign build it’s data and check every 12 or 24 hours, especially on the sales conversions.

If you’re not already pass sub ID data to your tracker (ie Prosper202), you’re going to be at a loss if you get a conversion.

Next stage in the process, bid management, URL expansion.


I also dropped PPV Playbook‘s David Ford a list of questions which he answered in the midst of launching his new PPV123 training series together with co-creator Corey Bornmann.

Question: I’ve known you to be a PPC marketer and you’ve branched into PPV/CPV. Was
there a signficant reason for this? (google slap? diversification? etc?)

David Ford: My Google account has never been slapped actually. I still do PPC but I see it getting more and more difficult with slaps, merchants outbidding affiliates, and odd quality score issues.

Over the last year I have seen Bing trying to become more and more like Google. Not just in the market share sense, but in slapping affiliate campaigns. I think there is still a lot of money to be made with PPC but it is going to continue to get a lot more strict.

Question: What’s the biggest difference with PPV vs PPC, SEO? (in terms of marketing strategy, lead quality, conversion ratios, marketing costs, etc)?

David: PPV is going to have a pretty low conversion rate compared to PPC. That doesn’t mean anything bad really because you have to take into account how little you are paying (hopefully) for your views.

The strategy is a little differen’t also; PPV campaigns require a lot more babysitting (until a few tools I know of are completed) and bid adjusting than PPC campaigns. They can also be a lot shorter lived unless you set your frequency caps correctly and have a solid strategy for expansion in place.

PPV traffic is obviously cheaper than PPC traffic. You can still find a ton of targets for around $0.01. That doesn’t always mean those targets will convert unfortunately. Just like with PPC, dont be afraid to bid on the more expensive targets.

Question: Could you give maybe 3 tips for new PPV marketers? What network do you suggest PPV newbies start out with?

David: My tips would be:

  • Start out testing small & make sure your not bidding on any generic high traffic URL’s (ie google.com)
  • Learn to get inside your customers head. Instead of bidding on car insurance domains, figure out why someone would need car insurance in the first place.
  • Make sure to track your targets. One target can make or break a campaign sometimes so make sure to track everything.

I used to tell people to start with Media Traffic but it seems like people in my forums are having better luck with Lead Impact. I would suggest Lead Impact and Adon network.

Question: Any suggestions regarding offer selection? (eg: screening criteria like “Page 1″ vs “Page 3 or page 4″ submits? Rebills/higher payout offers)

David: I like to focus on lead gen offers. I stay away from zip/email submits because of the low payout/scrub rates.

1-page submits are great but I have had good luck with multi page offers also. I don’t do any rebills personally but I know some people who made good money with them. I see more of a future in lead generation offer though.

Question: What’re some of the successes you’ve read from students of the PPV Playbook book, and/or the PPV Playbook forum?

David: Everything from making their first conversion to hundreds of dollars a day in profit.

A lot of people don’t want to share their success stories publicly on the forum because they are concerned someone will steal their idea.

I encourage them to post about their success and leave out the exact details though because it motivates other members. I think one thing people are always a little surprised at is the ROI they see.

Question: Any upcoming developments at the PPV Playbook blog

David: Oh jeez Andrew…you want me to make time for blogging too!? ;)

I actually really like blogging and want to continue writing.

Right now I have the PPV Playbook forum and a webinar series I am doing with Corey Bornmann from Affportal.com which is keeping me super busy. I

would like to do more case studies on the blog and share as many tips as I can. It’s kind of a balancing act sharing useful information on the blog but making sure I keep certain things exclusive to the members of the forum.


You can check out more from David Ford at:

Update: to get a discount code for PPV Playbook, click here: PPV Playbook discount code (Limited quantities).

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