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Want to succeed at Internet Marketing? Get into the Keiretsu

Over the last couple of days, new and experienced Internet Marketers have been asking questions about the Keiretsu Internet Marketing program I’ve launched.Here’re some answers:What the heck is a Keiretsu?

From Wikipedia, a keiretsu (Japanese origin) (literally. system or series) is a set of companies with interlocking business relationships… It is a type of business group.

The Digital Keiretsu I’ve formed is a business-oriented syndicate. It provides business leverage and more importantly, monetize on Internet-related initiatives.

The core team, Keiretsu Alpha, contains a mix of members across various industries, spanning the financial, lifestyle, FMCG and information industries.
Is this a bunch of marketing hype? You’re making a lot of claims about $5,000 a month consistent internet income

Some may choose to think of it as hype, you’re welcome to your opinion.My plan is to make our goals a reality.

I’ve a concrete plan based on solid products, with a support infrastructre to ensure that the chances of success are maximized.

Can anyone guarantee you success?

In business, there’s always a element of risk.

A bank deposit might provide the safest means of capital preservation, though inflation might severly degrade your assets in the long term.

A syndicate with the appropriate support structure manages business risk and provides the support structure to maximize your business success.

What’s in the Keiretsu system?

I’ve built the Keiretsu system around two products located at UltimateAffiliateWeapon.com and SecretBlogWeapon.com.

Why these two products?

While developing content for InternetMarketingCookbook.com, I’ve spent close to 600 hours checking out different products.

These are the best for new to intermediate Internet Marketers.

Advanced products and services will be progressively introduced and their related training will be provided to the Keiretsu.

How fast will it take?

Realistically, it takes 6 months to consistently achieve $5,000 a month in income.

However, in a best case scenario, you can achieve it in 3 months or less, provided you’re willing to put in the effort to achieve your goals.

You are in the driver’s seat.
Who are you to teach me? Do you know anything?

This is more a mentoring system, than a ‘teaching’ system. The two products UltimateAffiliateWeapon.com and SecretBlogWeapon.com have been chosen because they provide a solid foundation in Internet Marketing principles and strategies.

The Keiretsu system provides an application layer, which helps you develop and apply those principles to establish a profitable business.

When does it start?

It’s started already.

Will I fail?

You determine the outcome. I’ve developed the system based on proven business models.
It doesn’t work if:

  • You give up
  • You take entirely inappropriate action
  • You spend too little time, and expect results

There are many other reasons and they are primarily due to a lack of commitment.

If you can’t commit six months of your life, to a programme which will generate at least $5,000 of income every month, you should not join the Keiretsu. You’ll be wasting our time and even worse, yours.

Are you single?

I’ve no idea where this came from, but I’m happily married and have a lovely daughter, Bianca. Her blog will eventually be up. One of these days. Maybe.

Still interested in the Keiretsu?

Invest in the products at UltimateAffiliateWeapon.com and/or SecretBlogWeapon.com, our tracking system will inform us of the transaction and we’ll process your entry into the Keiretsu.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

PS: We have hit 20 members in our program. Not everyone has chosen to take part in the Keiretsu team. I have also received request for more places from folks who are travelling now.

Here’s my solution: I’ll keep the program open until Sunday midnight (GMT+8).

After that I will selectively bring in individuals who are committed to their personal success.

Here’s to your success.

Andrew Wee

Principal Consultant


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