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Ewen Chia and building the ‘Me’ brand

One reason why I’ve always been able to hit the top ranks of whatever I’m aiming for, whether in school, journalism, or in my entrepreneur ventures, is that I’ve been able to find strong role models and mentors. Co-opt them. Adapt and apply their strategies (this is one of the techniques I use in BizExcelleration)
Adopt your mentors best practices, take massive action, look at your results.

Does it work?

I think my results speak for themselves.

Let’s go on to my favourite affiliate marketer.

Ewen Chia and Andrew Wee

Super Affiliate Ewen Chia and Andrew Wee

Something he said during Saturday’s workshop (that’s the Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok Advanced Strategies workshop) gave me my money’s worth.

Would you like to know what it is?

But if you have a chance to invest in a copy of the workshop videos, you’ll get more than your investment, because I was probing the two gurus for their insider secrets throughout, and they were very open in their answers.

But more on that particular Ewen tip later.

Picking a mentor is important if you want to succeed in a short timeframe and I’d generally use the following criteria to pick a strong one:

  • Do they practise what they preach? Or is he just a ‘theory’ guy?
  • Are they in for the long haul? Or just a flash in the plan?
  • Are they using their own system? Or merely copying someone else?

It’s important especially for your mentor to be using their own system (which could be adapted from someone else’s.

If they’re doing wholesale copying of someone else, take heed. It’ll retard their ability to continually evolve the system.

It’s like buying a stock car and being unable to make modifications to it. You could be ‘jammed’ especially if you’re in an unfamiliar situation and you aren’t able to adapt the system.

But back to Ewen’s insider tip.

I don’t believe anyone would dispute that we should be continually building our own brand on the Internet.

I’m sure most would agree it wouldn’t make sense to build up someone else’s brand name on the Internet.

Taking one step further.

If you’re doing Internet Marketing, why would you engage in activities which continually build up the branding for an affiliate marketing product you’re promoting?

Are you guilty of advertising some hot new product and using the product name as a keyword?
Think about this for a moment.

Why would you build a brand for a product like XYZ blogging tool or AAA affiliate marketing software?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to build yourself up as an authority figure?

Look at Ewen Chia the brand for a moment.

If you’re on his list, and he mentions he found GGG analytics or DDD autoresponder to be a useful tool, would you be likely to check it out? Maybe even invest in it?

After all, if the Super Affiliate Ewen Chia says it must be good, it must be good, musn’t it?

And if you found it to be useful, it’d merely reinforce his postion as an authority figure, wouldn’t it?

So the upshot of all this?

Build yourself up as a high authority figure.

Put your name, or your business name on forum posts, blog comments, article submissions.

Ditch the “Internet4Wealth”, “FastMoneyNow”, “MoneyMakingForum” usernames/nicknames/monikers. They may help you with linkbaiting or traffic stealing efforts today, but they won’t help you in the long term.

Instead: Build up the “Me” brand.

Create an aura of competence and authority. Embark on your Internet Marketing efforts with confidence.

And as you’re contemplating all this, remember two words:

Andrew Wee.

3 comments on Ewen Chia and building the ‘Me’ brand

  1. Jet
    October 30, 2006 at 10:52 pm (5196 days ago)


    Yeap, you hit right on spot. If I remembered correctly, Ewen mentioned during the IMS that he carefully “branded” himself when he started out.

    In Marketing 101 they have a term for it, it’s called Brand Equity. It’s priceless!

    Well, you branded youself pretty well too I must say with the “WhoisAndrewWee” URL. It’s pretty catchy and intriguing too.

    How about taking the evolutionary steps? Like Who, How, What, When, Why prefixes? I thought it was quite funny when Stuart was looking for you and you were no where to be found and he decided to coin the “WhereIsAndrewWee.Com thingy….

    Just for laughs…..don’t take me serious…. From a marketing standpoint, it’s still better to build one powerful brand and fortify it with a strong market positioning statement and a few core values around it.


  2. ethan
    October 31, 2006 at 2:08 pm (5195 days ago)

    As always, Andrew, you provide us with superb quality content. Andrew Wee this two words are definitely etched in my mind!

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