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Going, going…

Well, just gone actually.

I happened to get up at 4am, wanting to check out the Web Advertising Secrets page.

Ewen Chia Web Advertising Secrets

Let me be among the first to let you know that it’s off the market.

And kudos to regular reader Chi Ang who got one of the last copies available.

You should get your blog up quickly, girl!

By the way, I was supposed to blog about this earlier.

What you see at this page: Auto Blog Income Generator

is supposed to be replaced by the Automated Blogging.

What’s the difference?

Automated Blogging has a nicer sales page, Auto Blog Income Generator has an ugly one.

Else the packages are exactly the same.

By the way, the resale rights licenses have just expired, so it’s a bargain for those who had got them earlier, but those coming in now can still look at adsense income.

The pricing is a little different too.

I’ve been given instructions to adjust Auto Blog Income Generator, so I’ll be doing that in the next 24 hours or so.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’s 5am. I’m going back to sleep.

Meanwhile, here’re the links:

–> Automated Blogging

–> Auto Blog Income Generator

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